The world’s most simple and cheap home recording studio

The world’s most simple and cheap home recording studio


Isn’t it too complicated?

Do I need really all that stuff to build up my own recording studio?

You always saying on budget, but as I’m getting through it, my mind is telling me that it will take ages to make all that money I need….

You asked. Fair enough. Here is the most simple solution.
Not only simple, but also the great option for all newcomers to music production.

Following the technology…

One day musicians will said, that making music on the laptop is not so cool and FREE.

Here is how I would approach my new home recording studio today.


Get an iPad. As I said before, I trust in Apple when it comes to performance and stability.

Good not only for music.

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With Ipad you just got GarageBand (free). Good and reliable multi-track DAW for any sophisticated music production. With huge sample library, plenty of virtual instruments and plugins for everyday use.

focusrite studioAdds On

Get Focusrite iTrack Studio Complete Recording Package.
For less than $200 you will get QUALITY audio interface, studio-quality condenser mic + 3 mt XLR cable and solid headphones for monitoring.

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ik multimedia midi keyboardExtras

For everyone who wants to have all-in-one package. Portable keyboard control IK Multimedia iRig Keys USB ready to perform. It’s got all the goods to play your apps and virtual instruments expressively, like velocity-sensitive keys, pitch bend and mod wheels, and an input for an optional expression pedal or sustain pedal.

[amazon asin=B009A4WB1I&text=Check current price at]

What’s next?

Under $600 now you have your own home recording studio.

I bet, that this is the most simple, effective, cheap and straightly way to fulfil your dream about making your OWN music. Maybe you can ask:

Why to be bothered with buying keyboard controller?

Well, maybe now you are the beginner.

But, the distance between beginner and pro,

Spend few minutes a day making music, playing with the keyboard, trying out different virtual instruments and in few months you will see the difference. And we all want to make PRO music one day.

What to expect from this studio?

If you are new to recording this is an ideal and perfect solution for you.
It allows you to:

  • to get your feet wet and start to make your OWN music right away
  • record voice / instrument, arrange tracks, make complete song, remix, whatever you want
  • turn your masterpiece into a a stereo audio file and share it with your friends

If that’s ALL you want, this studio will get you there.