What equipment needed for home recording studio

Before we start to talk about recording, mixing, mastering, there is really not much you can do, until you build your own recording/mixing setup, right? So let’s get you one, of course, we are all starters and not millionaires at this moment, so we will do it in a cheap, but PRO way!

So first thing is: take a pen and paper and make your own TO-DO -BUY list. It looks simple, but sometimes this kind of task can take months, mainly because of research. Yep, there are so many equipment and so little time/money. Wouldnt it be nice, to have a one source where is explained everything you need to have and everything you should know, so you can start to record and produce your own music THIS week? So here we go, I’m here to help you with this task.

This is the list of essential gadgets, every home recording studio needs to have:

  1. The best computer for music production
  2. Choose your favorite DAW
  3. Quality audio interface for beginners
  4. The most versatile microphones under $200
  5. Get a good set of studio monitor headphones
  6. Affordable studio monitors for your bedroom studio
  7. Why to be bothered with MIDI keyboard controllers
  8. MUST-HAVE accessories for every home recording studio
  9. Virtual Instruments that every music producer should have

And now….we are still talking about building you home recording studio on the budget, however we haven’t defined yet what „on budget“ exactly means. Our aim is to get you recording setup for maximum efficiency and creativity in other words PRO level at relatively low costs.For you guys, who are really short on funds at this moment I have special BONUS here – your best alternative is to go with this SUPER cheap highway:

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