Virtual instruments that every music producer should have

Virtual instruments that every music producer should have

So you have your own home recording studio and you see yourself as somewhat of a composer.

Fair enough.

But unless you have a warehouse full of instruments at your disposal, your sounding possibilities are limited to keyboard or guitar.

This can be easily solved with different VST (virtual instruments), that allows you to reproduce the sounds of ANY musical instruments, quite REALISTICALLY. Most DAWs come with a useful range of free plugins and VST instruments, it should be more than enough to get you started. However, at some point, they will start to sound similar to you and soon or later you will want to pay a little extra for a set of high quality virtual instruments, new toys you can play with.

So here is the essential list of quality VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS that every music producer should have:

Firstly, we have to solve the “beat” question. In home studios recording acoustic drums the traditional way is simply not practical. We need to get a killer weapon that can help us to create any beat in any specific genre. Here is my offer:

addictiveAddictive Drums

I’ve tried a lot of virtual drummers; BFD, EZ Drummer, Superior Drummer…


nothing can beat the simplicity of Addicted Drums from XLN Audio.

Minor cons is that STOCK sets sounds little bit cheap.

Anyhow, there are a lot of AdPacks with some killer sounding drums – Ludwig, Sonor, Tama, DW, …. The best thing about Addictive Drums is, that everything can be tweaked and customized in very easy way, and that this VST got a very huge fan base: you can find online plenty of MIDI Beats and Groove ready to use. Often I used them in my production as a starting point and later on I tweak them to something totally different according to my track needs.

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slate trigger vstSlate Digital Trigger EX Drum

The next thing you won’t regret is this little guy: Slate Digital Trigger.

Approved and used by many famous music producers including Dave Pensado, Michael Brauer, Chris Lord-Alge, Mike Shipley and list can go on and on... Again. There are a lot of Triggers out there, but this one can easily blow all others out of the water. 

Universal plugin that can ensure absolutely precise sample triggering, easily separating ghost notes from mic bleed. 

Still want something more?

It comes with premium drum sounds from Stephen Slate’s standard EX instrument library and this library is considered as one of the most quality libraries out there.

Slate Trigger along with Addictive Drums will help you to recreate any beat you are up to.

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native kompleteNative Instruments Komplete

There are many many plugins out there. Way too more. And all of them for the same reason: sometimes you want to have in your track realistic piano, sometimes huge and powerful bass, little bit strings here and there and good sounding guitars as well….To buy all of these instruments separately you would become soon homeless.

What if I tell you, that there is ONE Komplete Bundle, where you can find EVERYTHING you will ever need for your music?

Get a Native Instruments Komplete and you are done with shopping. 

Very powerful and popular bundle, I bet that all bedrooms music producers have it for every day use.

For less than $400, you can find there:

  •  33 full-fledged instruments and effects,
  • 12,000 inspiring sounds
  • over 120 GB of premium samples

Enough to keep you busy for next few months.

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