Video Tutorials

Music producers giving away their best free mixing tips and hints. Just tune it, and learn how to make a better mix.

Vocal Effects

This week's ITL is part 1 of 2 of an in-depth walk-through of how Dave uses vocal reverbs and effects!

80’s Snare Drum Trick

Dave Pensado from Pensado's Place shows you a common recording studio trick of gating white noise on a snare drum to enhance and/or change it's character and...

Final tips for widening your tracks!

This week's Into The Lair is a continuation from last week's where Dave gives four distinct examples of how to clear out the middle and get wider...

Advanced Parallel Compression Techniques

In the 53rd Into The Lair, Dave Pensado goes over some Advanced Parallel Compression Techniques using Bass and Vocals as an example.

Enhancing Loops and Other Instruments

Dave Pensado goes over concepts that you can apply to various instruments and elements to enhance their sound in the mix!

Top 10 Mix Mistakes (Part 1)

In the 54th Into The Lair, Dave Pensado goes over 5 of the 10 top mixing mistakes he sees when judging mix competitions.

All About Reference Mixes!

In episode #5 of Into The Lair, Dave talks about reference mixes, their role in the mixing process, and how he uses them in his work! 0:10...

Mixing Pro Lead Vocal Tracks

In the 50th Into The Lair, Dave Pensado goes over some of his favorite techniques for getting a professional lead vocal sound!

Stereo Buss Compression

On this week's Into The Lair, Dave goes over stereo buss compression and the difference between compressors and limiters! 2:02 Gates STA-LEVEL Compressor 3:1...

Widening tracks, clearing out the middle

This week's ITL discusses clearing elements out of the middle to make room for vocals, as well as tricks to widen your mixes.