top music production schools

Music production schools are getting more an more popular lately, giving you the opportunity to get Bachelor’s degree in audio production, certificate or other sort of diploma in music and audio production. From my own experience, the  best part of any music school or course is to get into music environment and build up connections with like-minded people, who encourage and motivate you to work harder and study more. If you start to surround yourself with experienced music producers, your progress will be more obvious. You will be naturally forced to devote more time to your music and you will learn a lot from your and your classmates mistakes. Also, what helped me alot during my school years, was long discussion, debates and sharing our musical inspirations, tips, and different views on music. Not to mention, that you usually spend a very nice time in a city abroad. So let’s have a look on top music production schools worldwide and the list of courses they offer.


Unites States

International  Academy of Design and Technology   Las Vegas, Tampa

Program that will help you develop your recording, mixing and mastering techniques.

Texas State University 

Bachelor of Science – Sound Recording Technology.

Full Sail University, Florida

From microphone placement, through editing skills and post-production audio, getting skills on digital and also analog equipment, finishing this school you will gain enough experience needed to start a career in the music industry.

Full Sail Univeristy offers Bachelor, but also different Diplomas related to Music, Audio and recording Engineering.

Berklee School of Music, Boston

Berklee has an excellent online education but also offers several in-house programs related to music production and engineering.

McNally Smith College of Music

They offer Bachelor of Science in Music production, but also associate degree – Associate of applied science in music and recording technology. You will learn recording and mixing techniques in analog, digital and also hybrid studio technology. With developing a broad range of technical, analytical and problem solving skills you will be able to work as an audio professional.

Indiana University Bloomington

Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts

University of Hartford

4 years program in Music production, that incorporate all aspect of music and audio engineering.

Recording Connection

They off internship based music education in more than 250 cities. With Recording connection you can study Audio Engineering, Music producing, DJ School, Hip Hop and beat making, Live sound and electronic music. They work with hundreds of top recording studios around United States, so you don’t need to leave your job, and move to another city to become a music producer.

Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences

After finishing this school you will get diploma in audio engineering and music production.

Institute of Audio Research

Diploma in Audio Recording and Production. Program designed for students who have occupational goals in the creation of new media, including, but not limited to producing, engineering, editing, and creation.

Musician’s Institute , California

Program will prepare you for career in the music industry by providing in-depth training in the essential techniques of recording and production.

Los Angeles Recording School

They offer various diplomas and certificates in sound – from film to music product. and music business.

Art Institute of Seattle

Diploma in Audio Production Program covering audio recording, sound reproduction, audio for video and broadcast production.



Recording Arts – Sound and Music

Montreal or Toronto? From Acoustic, through audio consoles, computers to signal processing and recording techniques, sound design and post production. This program covers all aspects of music education.

Trebas Institute

Montreal film school offers a degree in studio recording and live sound.


Audio production techniques teach audio and musical techniques for future sound technicians (game sound design, audio post production, sound recording techniques).



SAE Institute

SAE Institute offers different audio engineering diplomas and degrees in various locations (Madrid, London, Oxford, etc..). This is one of the most popular audio engineering school in Europe.

School of Sound Recording

One of the leading educator in the music industry in London and Manchester, offering different courses related to music and audio production.


Famous Manchester School of Media offers degree courses in post production, audio engineering and production and sound.Each course has been developed to provide you with the skills and experience to make your career in sound engineering a reality.

PointBlank, London

Plenty of Music courses – singing, songwriting, DJ courses, music prod and sound engineering. One of the most promotes music school on the internet.

Alchemea, London

UK audio private college offering world class facilities you can use 24 hours / 7 days in a week. From full audio courses to short ones. Various diplomas from game, movie to audio and live sound.

Recording Workshop

Sound engineering and music producer diploma for those who are seriously looking at sound engineering, music production, sound design or other audio studio related occupations as a life long vocation.

London School of Sound

London School of Sound gives you the experience of London Sound – work on your own music, get involved with the music scene in London, collaborate with musicians outside the school.

University of Portsmouth

Music and Sound Technology program, for people, who are interested in sound and music and wish to develop and apply their skills in the modern music industry – from sound design, composition, performance to film and video production and multimedia application.



VanderSound Audio Engineering School

Audio Engineering school – one on one.

Australian Institute of Music

AIM’s audio course for everyone who want to develop professional skills in critical listening, recording, mixing, studio and live sound.

JMC Academy

Whether your dream is to record, create, produce, edit, mix or master, this course provides an in-depth understanding of the operational and technical aspects of the industry with particular emphasis on studio recording and production, live sound production and sound design.