Top 6 british music producers in 2013

Top 6 british music producers in 2013

Music is life that so much people agree, but music is great business too. Many people are making millions of dollars by creating extraordinary music. Today I have listed the top 6 music producers of the United Kingdom in 2013 on the basis of their songs popularity and how well the people has received their albums. Without further ado, lets our list get started.

rudimentalRudimental is drum and bass producer. They started their production by partnering with Black Butter records and their first song was “Feel the Love” which was a massive hit. The main reason for their success I believe is that they incorporate the soulful aspects in the drum and bass music, they just changed the way music feels. Recently, Rudimental was nominated by the MTV’s best UK and Ireland act, YouTube breakthrough music award and World Wide Music Award. Due to this massive success Rudimental was one of the top music producers in the UK in 2013.


duke dumontDuke Dumont is a DJ by profession but lately got into the field of production. The song that made him famous if “Need U 100%” which was featuring A.M.E. In my opinion it was one of the most popular song in 2013 at UK. It was received very well by the people and quickly became the number one song in the UK singles chart by April 2013. To produce this song he partnered with “Ministry of Sound” label records. He also produced a video for this song and till date it has got over 15 Million views. The main reason for the success of this millionaire is the mentor he had. When he started his career he made a great decision to become a student of Switch who has produced songs for Beyonce or Santigold.

maya jones colesMaya Jones Coles is by profession a DJ and an audio engineer, but by passion she is being a music producer. Maya had a great passion for music from her early ages and when she was fifteen she decided to learn how to produce music with the Cubase program. Her first productions were more in hip-hop and trip hop, however in 2008 she released her first record on Dogmatic Records which were more house music based. She gained her breakthrough exposure, when she released her four track debut, in 2010. In 2013 she did it again with her debut album „Comfort“, which featured guests such a Tricky, Miss Kittin, Alpines, or Karin Park.

disclosureDisclosure Disclosure is an English band that was started by two brothers in South London. The mostly produce the mix of house, UK Garage and UK funky. Most of their songs sounds fresh and melodious. The reason why they are in this list is because of their album “Settle”, it was UK’s number 1 album for 2013. It has been sold like crazy, till date they have sold over 300,000 of this album. They even get nominated in the Grammies for this album.


Shahid KhanShahid Khan formally known as Naughty boy, is UK’s one of the most demanded pop producer and pop songwriter. He has produced several so called successful records in the past but none of them were like that they can be called a Massive Hit. But in 2013 he did it by producing his album Hotel Cabana. In Hotel Cabana he featured many great singers like Ed Shereen, or Wiz Khalifa. The most popular song that climbed the charts very quickly was “La La La”, it was one of the most popular song not just in UK but in the rest of the world. The video of this song has got over 256 Million in YouTube. Because of this massive success of this album he received several nomination in the world’s best Music Awards like the World Music Awards for Best Entertainer of the year, Worlds Best Male Artist, and Worlds Best Video, YouTube awards for YouTube break through.

Gorgon CityGorgon City is the name of the company of two producers who are in British Savvy pop culture. They both are song writers and music producers. When they released their new track Real featuring Yasmine and Intention featuring clean Bandit they became famous overnight. These two songs were very popular and were received very well by the people. The video song of “Real” which was produced in partnership of the Black Butter Records has alone got over a Million views on YouTube.


Music producers usually play a critical role in the musical entertainment industry today. Some of them are great musicians and songwriters, the others are often businessman who can turn their talents into a musical money making product that satisfied the vision and financial interest of the label. Truth behind the scene is, that you don’t have to be a virtuoso to be one of them: with a little time, hard work, networking, and patience everyone can become a successful music producer. Check also article about top 10 music producers in 2013.