List of essential books written about music production and audio engineering

mixing secrets for small studios

Hey guys, school or work can really teach you lot of new things, however nothing can beat the holidays….time where you can catch up with your favorite topic – music production. Over the years I’ve read plenty of audio engineering material,  and I decided to pulled out some decent books for you, that stand out from my collection. This is the list of all-time my favorite books written on music production, recording and audio engineering, books that I couldn’t have lived without when I was starting my career. 

101 Production Tips for Computer Musicians

If you are looking for one reference book – manual for mixing, producing and recording this is the ONE that should be in every home recording studio. Only 27 pages, but you will find there everything you need to improve your results in creating and mixing music. (Get it from Amazon)

Behind the Glass: Top Music Producers Tell How They Craft the Hits

top music producers37 of the worlds top music producers share their insights and secrets on how to make hit music production – from the practical to the artistic. Definitely this book will guide you through numerous interviews with some of the big names in music industry, from the producer/arranger to the producer/engineer to the producer/musician. George Martin reveals the technical and musical challenges of working with The Beatles, while Phil Ramone, producer for such artists as Billy Joel, discusses studio wall treatments. How to make great music production? Learn from the greatest one. (Get it from Amazon)

audio engineeringAudio Engineering 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Music Production

Another excellent book for beginners for starting out in the recording industry. Covering all you need to know about music production, recording process and marketing your music.  (Get it from Amazon)

music productionThe Art of Music Production: The Theory and Practice 

First kind of book that comprehensively analyze and describe the role of the music producer in creating successful music recordings.The definitive guide to the art of music production. (Get it from Amazon)

How to produce music

This beginner guide book discussed easy-to-understand method on how to start producing music in this generation. Every chapter talked about each important elements you should learn or have in developing this skill. Great book for everyone thinking about producing own music. (Get it from Amazon)

Mixing Secrets for Small Studios

mixing secrets for small studiosThis book is a fantastic resource that will dramatically improve your mixing abilities. Mike Senior, regular contributor to Sound on Sound Magazine will explain all important issues that small studios (and even larger ones) users face and how to address them. Book contains a lot of practical exercises to really hear and understand the concepts described. This book is one of the best-written guides to mixing that was published by this day, Mike Senior writes with hard-earned wisdom. (Get it from Amazon)

Modern Recording Techniques

modern recording techniqueThis is the recording bible. If you want to get one book that has a broad overview of everything you need to know, this one comes closest. I grew up on the fifth edition, but I believe the 8th is now out. It can get quite technical at times, but don’t get put off by the equations. Most of the info in this book is easy to understand, and the techniques are easy to implement. Ideal for the practicing or aspiring any recording engineer and music producer. (Get it from Amazon)

Mastering Audio:
The Art and the science

audio engineering mastering audioKatz is an authoritative and opinionated writer who believes in meaningful standards followed by good taste. This is a must-read for anyone who wants to learn some essential tips and tricks as well as the fundamentals of mastering audio. All the best theory for audio mastering in one book, you can find there also the history of this important step in the musical production and a really good definition of all the process necessaries for mastering music in your bedroom studios. (Get it from Amazon)

The Mixing Engineer’s Handbook

mixing engineeringThe Mixing Engineer’s Handbook is a goldmine of great mixing information. Book packed up with plenty of information about getting you proper mix ready to master. I would absolutely recommend this book to anyone who wants to understand what are the attributes of the great mix! It will really help you out, because it lays everything down in simple to understand terms. He is covering variety of mixing styles, styles of arrangements, how to build up the mix, magic frequencies and much more…(Get it from Amazon)

Audio Production and Critical Listening: Technical Ear Training

music production and critical listeningAnother great book if you want to improve your ears and hearing. Book and audio CD cover in separate chapters all important properties of great music production like equalization, reverberation, compression, distortion detection, digital audio editing, etc. The content is deep and accurate. If you want to master this subject, it is all there for you. Master your aural abilities, the most important skill for every successful music producer.(Get it from Amazon)

Home Recording Studio:
Build It Like The Pros

home recording studioWell-respected author Rod Gervis share his tips and advices on building your personal home recording studio. Great resource, everything you need to know about noise reduction, construction techniques and materials, sound absorption, and diffusion. Everything is covered here and in language anyone can understand. If you are interested in building your own home recording studio, don’t forget to check this case study and also some theoretical application.(Get it from Amazon)

The Art of Mixing:
A Visual Guide to Recording, Engineering and Production

art of mixingThis book has an amazing and unique approach to mixing, by using visualization. It has LOTS of illustrations that are very clear, concise, and just totally chock full of useful information. If your mixes are muddy and you are more visualize or „left-handed“ guy, pick this one up. If you want to expand your recording techniques, by reading this book you will learn what your recording equipment does and how it all works together in a simple, visual manner. Gibson has mapped out everything that can be done to create various effects in all standard mixes by covering all various musical styles.(Get it from Amazon)

The Art of Producing

art of music productionThis book is a great step by step guide on How to produce music from beginning to end, using step-by-step procedures for music production, whether it be for a band, group or record company project. I personally favor the section of the book called, “Composition of the Elements”, it is mind-opener to utilize everything around you as inspiration to use in the dynamics of your singing, colors in your compositions, and overall creativity when writing and producing music. (Get it from Amazon)

Master handbook of Acoustics

home recording studios acousticA good overview of the field of acoustic treatment for various rooms, halls, etc. Acoustics is definitely one of the more important things to get right in your studio. If you’ve ever struggled to find good information on acoustics and wondered where you could really find the truth about it all — your search is over. Build your own acoustic environments such as recording studios, control rooms, and home listening rooms with the help of the acoustic experts (Get it from Amazon)

Moulton Laboratories: Golden Ears

audio engineering courseAn audio ear-training course for recording engineers, music producers and musicians. If you want to learn how to produce music, this is an essention skill you have to develop: audio critical listening. With this book you will learn to analyze different frequencies, signal processing changes, application of delay and decays, using of reverb. Must have audio course, if you want to be master. (Check out the website)

Instrument and Vocal Recording

reference music productionUse this book as a reference book whenever you’ve forgotten how to approach a specific recording situation. Instrument & Vocal Recording goes into details of how to record the most common instruments, such as drums, vocals and guitars, breath instruments. There are many solutions for different scenarios, for example how to how to record drums if you only have one microphone. Get this book if you want to know how to make your recordings properly. (Get it from Amazon)

Mixing with your mind

mixing and producing with mindGetting right sound in your home studio is art and science. This is very nice approach to mixing – mixing based on your feelings. Every operation and action in your studio use other part of your brain. Open you ears and inner yourself and mix with your intuition. The authors mind works in an unusual way – he may even have a touch of synesthaesia – the ability to ‘see’ sound, as colours or smells. This is a delightful book about resisting convention and using your own intuition when listening to music while recording it.Michael Stavrou did a great job on this book. This book can help you get outside the box when thinking about how to visualize invisible sound waves.(Get it from Amazon)


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