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In old days music education was very expensive, and it was often the privilege of a few accredited schools and universities to offer music production courses –  for big $$$. With the internet age everything is becoming more and more simple and to become a really good music producer, you don’t need to spend whole life savings for some piece of paper – at the end of the day it is very questionable that this kind of “diploma” would help you to get a job in a music industry.  Take a chance and learn music production online – let’s have a look in our collection of free music production courses.

Free courses from the TOP Universities

This is the HOT HOT stuff. Lets have a look

  1. Learn music production with Coursera – recording, editing, and mixing. If you are nice place to start. You will get introduction to every aspect of music production
  2. Introduction to Sound Design – fundamental principles of sound and how we precieve it.
  3. Audio Critical Listening for Audio Production. If you read this article about ear training, you are now probably looking for possibilities how to train you ear. This is a great course!
  4. Learning music online with Berklee – Of course that Berklee won’t throw out complete courses for free, however recently they released 30GB of free educational material – most of it is just a  promo intro to their paid courses. Anyhow, you can still find there a lot of useful information.
  5. successful music producer it is important to have strong music theory foundation. If you want to learn how to write a hit song, this will definitely help you out!
  6. Classical composition. You never know when you will need it.
  7. Fundamentals of Audio and Music engineering. Go into the detail of sound, vibration, perception.


Improve your mixing, mastering with other music producers

  1. David Pensado and his famous online mixing school. This is my favorite one, however you can find a little bit lost there. So many information…
  2. Advices on music production from producer and audio engineer Graham Cochrane. Very helpful site, this guy got a talent when educates the others.


Learn music production on Youtube

In recent years, Youtube channels. Of course, if you find that there is missing something, let us know!

Tutorial videos on electronic music and live performance using Ableton Live

Short tutorial for Ableton beginners. If you just decided to learn Ableton, this is the great place to start.

Ableton tutorials, artist portraits, tips and tricks. Good for any skill level

Dubstep Electronic Music, produced in Ableton, Cubase. 

Tutorials and tools to help you with producing EDM – Electronic Dance Music. 

Learn to produce hip hop, trance, electro, house or to make hot sound design in Ableton / Logic / Cubase. 

Great introduction into Logic Pro X. Very nice webinar.


More sources

Here comes a selection of other websites which deal with music education.

  1. Reason Tutorial.  If Reason is your favorite DAW, this is the place for you. If you just thinking about Reason, don’t forget to read our Review on Reason 7.
  2. Listening to music.  For advanced music producer. If you want to understand Western music – from Bach and Mozart, to Gregorian chant and blues. Develop your aural skill of listening music!
  3. Music production step by step tutorials and tips for creating electronic music from Next Step Audio. All levels, all DAWs. Must see website!
  4. Learn Music Theory with Dave Conservatoire. If you want to be the TOP, this course will enhance your basic foundation.


Missing something ? Let us know!

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