Sure SM57: The only mic you need to have

Sure SM57: The only mic you need to have

This is an industry standard.

It also calls “when engineer reaches for a mic”.

Professional studios usually have a dozen or more of them.

It is durable, reliable and versatile in application.

You can use it to record drums, vocals, instruments. It has been used by President of US for more than 30 years (public speech). All major artists are using this mic in studios or live on tours.

sm57 micFor under $99, you will get killer weapon. Applications are endless, just to name a few:

  1. Great on guitar amp – it is very midrange focused mic and can bring out some of the best characteristic of the guitar
  2. Classic when it comes to snare drum – even if your drum setup is minimal, recording snare with Shure SM57 will give you fullness and fatness and also punch that you want. This little guy can be used also for toms. Ask almost any music producer what is the best mic for miking a snare drum….their answer will be the same….SM57
  3. Excellent for vocals – Jimi Hendrix, Chris Cornell, Bono Vox, Michael Jackson…..they used SM57 both on stage and also in recording studio to capture their monstrous voice

With its wide range of capabilities and applications, most musicians consider the Sure SM57 to be the most useful microphone in their tool kit.

If you can get ONLY one mic, get this one!