MUST-HAVE accessories for every home recording studio

So you got all that gear in your bedroom. Fair enough.
New question is coming out.

Is there anything else I will need?

Well, of course YES. You can spend shopping all day.
There will be always something you can find useful.

However, we want to start to produce music ASAP. So in this post I’m covering the MUST-HAVE accessories for every home recording studio that can keep you away from recording and playing with music.

XLR Cables

There will be day, when your studio will be full of different cables. But to start now, you will need 4 of them:

  • 1 long XLR cable for connecting your microphone
  • 2 short ones for your studio monitors (most monitors work with XLR just fine, but your audio interface may only allow you to use 1/4″ TRS cables. Check the output options on your audio interface and the input options on your studio monitors to ensure you get a pair that’ll work)
  • 1 longer instrument jack-jack cable

There are usually 4 things to consider when buying audio cable:

  1. Brand
    There are a lot of crappy companies out there, so to help you get better orientation, I can recommend you: Mogami, Monster, Pro Co, Hosa. You will never buy bad cable, if you stick to these brands.
  2. Length
    3-6 ft works well for monitor cables in all bedroom studios.
    10 ft is usually optimum for all instrument cables.
    To choose a length for mic cable can be trickier, it all depends on the room size, also often with gained experience, you will start to play with different mic positioning. In a small 10×10 ft room, a 30 ft of cable is plenty.
  3. Connectors
    This is the most important part of the whole cable. Get them wrong and you audio cable is useless! The most quality brand for connector is Neutrik. I wouldn’t buy anything else. Remember, you want to get the most accurate and true analog audio signal into your DAW. That’s why it is so important to choose the right cable with the right connector.
  4. Price
    It should be somewhere between $5-$60+.
    Cheap ones break, the expensive ones are rip off.
    Your aim for price is between $20-$40.

My recommendations:

MIC Stand

For now you will need only 1.
Don’t buy cheap, or your stand will not be reliable.
Don’t go to expensive, because you don’t need to.
Stick only with the most reputable brands, $20-$50 is a very solid price range.

If you don’t know which one to pick, you can try On-Stage Stands company – they make plenty of great stands that are cheaper.

POP filter

It will not keep you away from producing POP.
Anyhow, you don’t want to record a singer with all that “puffs” created by his breathing. It will sound nasty. If you plan to record vocals, POP filter is a must.

A headphone extension cable

The usual problem with all headphones.
The cables are ALWAYS way too short.
Professional studios solve this issue with special headphone amplifier.
For beginners, headphone extension cable,  is much more simpler and cheaper alternative.

For all of you, who are curious what I meant by special headphone amplifier…

This little device is also good for splitting headphone signal, if you plan to record more musicians at once. Remember, by buying this you will also need to buy jack-jack cable to connect it to your audio interface. As I said at the beginning, it is easy to spend all day shopping.

Music Stand

This one is not as necessary as previous gadgets, however you will find it useful later on + your studio will become a bit PRO.

Good for everyone, who is planing to record a lot of vocals or instrumentalists.

Ready to begin?

So this is your first checkpoint in your being music producer journey.

You have all the things and gadgets you need for setting up your first

Give it a name. It is your baby.
Press record and you can start recording music NOW!

What are you waiting for?