Music production with Reason 7. Amazingly simple and intuitive

Music production with Reason 7. Amazingly simple and intuitive

  • reason 7Whatever your music needs, Reason has a rack for that. Reason is the legendary music production software studio. From start to finish, its ever-expandable, freely routable rack of instruments, effects and sounds has everything you need to write, record, remix and produce great-sounding tracks. Build your songs in Reason’s sequencer with the included synths, samplers, loop players and drum machines. Add guitar, vocals, MIDI synths, or record your entire band. Finish your tracks in the built-in million-dollar mixing console. With an inspiring sound bank and intuitive flow, Reason catalyzes your creative process. Easy to get started with and as deep as you want it to be, Reason is the software that keeps you focused on what matters most—your music.

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  • In late April Propellerhead Software proudly presented the seventh version of its flagship Reason. Current version of the world’s popular music software delivers significant enhancements that should provide you help to create better music.

    Continuing the revolutionary evolution

    Comparing the Reason 7 with the previous version in terms of number of new features, we have to say that Reason 7 is not a big upgrade but rather a transparent tune of the previous functionality with adding a few new features. Don’t expect some crazy new tools or effects. The biggest change was applied to MIDI (added MIDI Out). Also possibility of more complex editing sound recordings was introduced, with the ability to convert  into REX files. There is also a number of enhancements to the mixer and the only new effect you can find in this new version of Reason is Audiomatrix Retro Transformer.

    The current version still preceded last year Reason 6.5 (as Reason Essentials 1.5), which was in principle free update for all who own version 6. Interface Rack Extensions is already available for some time, and it opens the world of Reason to the integration of third-party extensions either in the form of synthesizers, samplers, effects, or other modules. New modules can be bought at Rack Extensions Store, shop similar and perhaps inspired by the Apple Store or Google Play.


    MIDI Out

    It is quite surprising that the ability to send the MIDI out has not been added already at the time when audio recording was introduced in the previous version of Reason. MIDI Out is definitely a welcome addition, and its implementation in Reason is very simple and very user friendly.

    Integrated audio slicing

    Once the recorded audio clip is imported into the sequencer window, just press Quantize and recording will be cut, and markers will be added to the transients. This will help you completely comfortable quantization to the beat exactly as you wish.

    In addition, time stretching and retiming has been revamped. REX format support was in the Reason for ages. However, now, at a time when Swedish developers in Propellerhead decided to move Reason from music sampler to complete production studio. In other words ReCycle instrument that you have been using before, you won’t need anymore – everything regarding to REX files can be solved internally directly in Reason. After the sound was sliced into individual parts, you can convert it to the REX format with single click. The program itself already offers the ability to import back into the module rack Dr. Octo Rex , NN – XT sampler or Kong Drum Designer.

    Making REX files is like a puzzle. Reason 7 is constantly analyzing all audio recordings or imported sounds, searching for transients. This opens the new ways to quantization, stretching or direct saving into REX file format. Detection of transients is very precise, using the same algorithm, so you can be sure that your songs will sound great using these instruments. This means that the samples can be processed in new ways, more creative – you can easily change the timing, feel, tempo and groove .

    Everything is so amazingly intuitive and simple. And by the way; sound engine handles the entire process perfectly. The sound becomes comparable to any other DAW systems, like Logic, Cubase, Nuendo…

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    Audiomatrix Retro Transformer

    Audiomatrix Retro Transformer is the only new creative tool that enriches Reason version 7. This plugin is not directly provided with the application and need to be downloaded. Effect was inspired by a similar Instagramu iPhone application that makes the modern photographs outdated images – just everything is applied to the sound. The sound here is simply degraded in retro style .

    The module has 16 presets with names such as the VHS tape or phonograph record. The results are sometimes funny and sometimes inspiring – you can create a number of helpful effects in decent quality, even if the module does not go too far in the settings. Controls are limited to Dry / Wet , Gain and vague Transform, which allows minor improvements in sound quality. However, it completely undoubtedly one of the best looking effects that we have seen so far in the Reason. Its interface is based on a TV screen in the style of the seventies, which shows the nostalgic photo .


    New SSL mixer was introduced already in version 6 and quickly became one of the best features of the program. Reason 7 comes with many minor modifications and significantly improve workflow across mixing the sound. First, it is now possible to create a parallel version of any channel in a single click and with unlimited channel bus. Although it may seem at first glance not to be very significant improvement, since these kinds of audio routing was available in previous versions, but with the need of use modules Spider Merger and Splitter. However, the ease and simplicity of this updated feature allow to create New York style compression and it makes Reason 7 much more useful for modern musical genres .

    Reason has always been known for its stability. Also last but not least is the fact that the most important controls of the mixer – such as the Level and Pan – are now also available directly from the rack. As part of the creative process so you do not need to scroll to the mix.


    The new spectrum analyzer

    Another addition to the family of tools for mixing audio is fantastic spectrum analyzer, which was added to the EQ section. Graphically it is very nice, opens in new popup window that can be accessed either directly from the console or rack. Gives you a graphic representation of the feedback signal that comes through each channel. You have so much more precise and detailed control over EQ in the SSL style and filters.

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    Reason 7 (with all respect to the previous breakthrough version) has just been refined. You will not get new modules, synthesizers or a variety of effects, but it takes existing function closer to perfection and user-friendliness. However, on the other hand Propellerhead added to the bank presets huge library of loops on current trends such a dubstep, metal and big room house, and you will have now available a remarkable range of sounds that represent an unusually wide range of musical genres.

    Although many innovations in Reason 7 may at first glance seem like little things, all together contribute to the complexity of tools for creation music in perfection. Everything what we liked about Reason in the past, is still there – application is stable, sound engine sounds great and everything looks fantastic. On the market there are 2 versions of Reason 7 full or truncated – called also Reason 7 Essentials, which for example does not have MIDI Out or audiomatrix Retro Transformer, as well as other modules and functions.

  • We are happy to announce a brand new course on Reason 7 by Jared Meeker. Jared is a professional producer, musician and composer. He has performed with many LA hip hop artists like Nate Dog and the East sidas, Snoop Dogg or Myka Nine. He is also credited for a lot of soundtracks, included Dexter and Smash. This video tutorial is one of the most comprehensive set of video trainings. Jared explains how to record and process live parts, like for examples the guitar lines that are forming the basic structure and ornament the song. Also, in this video series he is focusing on the 5 major elements of composition, that is melody, harmony, rhythm, timbre and form.

    With this video training you will learn a wide variety of subjects, including instrument programming, numerous mixing and production techniques, creative audio editing and also he will give you a quick guide to the new features, that was introduced in Reason 7.

    Table of contents

    Intro to all subjects that are covered.

    Jared shows you how to create a template and how to use it for your music production. He will explain whole process of creation, how to use Inserts and return tracks on the mixer.

    Creating the Beats
    In this lecture, he is working with Octo Rex. He will show you how to make by editing and resequencing the original loop to something that is original. Beat forms the rhythmic foundation of the track.

    Add Guitar and other harmonic parts
    Creating the heart and soul of any composition. He will explain how to develop a song harmonically, how to record guitar or other harmonical pads.

    Create bassline
    Setting up the main groove. How to work with beat and how to come up with bassline that rocks.

    Drum programming
    Jared explains how to fatten up the drum track and how to add fills.

    Adding bass accompaniment
    In this module you will see, how you can import different audio loops, slice them, stretch and transpose to make them work with the song.

    Adding FX
    Adding some extra textures or other melodic accompaniment can make a new character of the song.

    Additional parts
    Doubling guitars, or sounds like bass, adding improvised phrase can make your production special and unique.

    How to mix and final thoughts
    Complete mixing guide. How to mix your production to achieve optimal sound. Explaining of using mixing and mastering effects and new Parallel Channel feature.

    Signing up

    With this course you will get unrestricted 24/7 access to all tutorials for as long as you will need. Also you will be able to download the original Reason song file that was made throughout the course. 

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