music producers in atlanta

Atlanta is considered as one of the best music Metropol in the world. Music producers from all genres now are taking up residence there to produce music for talented musicians founded in the South. Atlanta has a rich history in music – over 100 years with gospel and folk. Lot of experienced and successful bands make a regularly trips there to work with famous music producers to bring their album to the next level: R&B, jazz, rock, or country – nothing is impossible. Lets have a look in the list of the top music producers that call Atlanta home.

Josh Mackrell

An innovative audio enthusiast, audio engineer with background in sound design, audio mixing and studio recording. He is a creative mix master and producer, who is helping young musicians. Recorded, mixed, and mastered for Zone 4 Record Label, representing artists such as Keri Hilson, Roscoe Dash and Lloyd. Worked alongside Rocky Diamonds as part of Rockstar Entertainment and the Diamond Supply Company. Personally mastered, “The Diamond Life” 1 & 2. 

Southern Tracks Recording Studio

This great studio has been founded by legendary music producer Bill Lowery. He cooperate with such an artists like Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith or SugerLand. He helped to become Atlanta such a great place for music today. He is be doing music production for ages and he likes to work with independent artists as well.

Chestnut Media

Production company with own recording studio established in 2002 in Atlanta. They do all genres in music as well as commercial videos and short and featured movies. They have quality contacts and network within local scene and are becoming more and more popular and famous for their independent productions.

Raishard Crawford

Being in the industry since 1999, Raishard  worked with many popular musicians famous for cooperation with  such an artists like Michael Jackson, Jarrad Thomas or Timberland. He is the owner of private studio in Atlanta, Georgia, and he is specialization is hip hop beats. However, he has become the standard all music producers will be judged against in this country, not only in hip hop, but across all genres. 

Matt Still

The one who worked with Elton John, Outkast or Stevie Wonder. Atlanta is his home and he is considered as one of the brightest musical producers who is always on the lookout to work with new talented musician. Writing music and helping young artists is what Matt Still is all about.