The most inspirational recording studios

The most inspirational recording studios

Before you listen or watch that interesting movie or amazing song, it has to be processed in a studio. The recording industry is quite competitive. It is difficult for any studio to make it to the top thus any of them must set the bars so high for others to reach. If you have been wondering on some of the nicest recording studios ever, then this article is a must read.

Hanz Zimmer Recording studio

This is probably most comfortable recording studio. From the pictures, I already can say that I feel there like in my living room. Hanz Zimmer, who made a lot of memorable music for some of the most popular Hollywood movies, designed his studio in baroque style. Read this article about him and his studio, it is very inspirational!


Real world studios

This is a residential recording studio found in Box, Wiltshire. You can easily locate them in the south west region on England. It has been widely known to offer an inspiring atmosphere having some of the best acoustic technology solutions. It is home to WOMAD together with customized producer rooms which are busy every time. It offers a wide range of latest recording equipments to provide you with all that is needed to match your talent. It has proven to be the perfect musicians such as Kanye West and Beyonce Knowles. There is no doubt that this facility, founded by Peter Gabriel is the one of the nicest in the world. Real World studios offers also mixing through mail – eMixing. They promise you to mix your recording by UK top music producers. Worthy to try.



9WG Studios

This multi use production facility was built in commercial building, in downtown Richmond, Virginia. Before it became recording studio, this building was used as a jewellery shop and photography studio. Nowadays 9WG studio offers music recording, audio and video production and post production. It is environmentally friendly construction, full of creative space for independent contractors.


Blackbird studio

It was formerly known as the Creative Recording studio and was founded in 2002. It was fully renovated by the famous county music star, Martina McBride. Located in Nashville, this studio boasts of clients such as Black Eyed Peas and Taylor Swift. The facility holds 8 studios together with other recreational facilities such as a basketball half court. It is well equipped to handle tasks such as editing, tracking, transfers and even audio rentals. It does offer local internships that can result in permanent employment. This is just another reason to check o this studio.


East West studios

They were originally constructed back in the 1960s by Bill Putnam and are found in the Los Angeles. It boasts of numerous technical excellence awards and has proper facilities for their clients. It contains three main studios with well spaced rooms. It boasts of renowned artists such as Elvis Presley and the Beach Boys. East west studios has produced some of the most awarded and celebrated albums in musical history – from Elvis Presley to Rolling stones. Also 4 episodes of The Voice were filmed here. It has some of the best virtual instruments in the industry and will definitely offer that which you need. East West studios are perfect for any session – from single voice to 80-piece symphonic orchestra.



Black rock studio

Founded back in 1998 by Tony Beckwith, black rock studio has continued to dominate the recording industry since then. Located in Santorini, this studio won the best new studio in 2009 in the Industry excellence awards. The facility has some of the best instruments to take your rock music to the next level. Black Rock studios is a combination of a luxury villa and world first class recording equipment. A heaven of inspiration and tranquility between sea and sun, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the sea and the volcanic island.


Delta lab

It is a studio founded by the then 19 year old Thomas Troelsen in Denmark. He is regarded as one of the best songwriters and producers of all time in Danmark. The studio boasts of different qualities of work including the current 2014 World Cup Song “we are one” by Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull. Other works include the “silent Alarm” SHINee’s song “love like oxygen”. It has some of the most sophisticated facilities to offer the best for its customers. Design of Delta Lab studios was inspired by Verner Panton and is fully packed by collection of analog equipment. Bloc Party recorded their debut album Silent Alarm at Delta Lab. Delta lab studios is probably one of the most sexiest recording studios in the world.


For more inspiration you can check NonZeroArch site. If some of your favorite recording studio is missing here, write in a comments!