What makes an engineer influential?

Want to know the secrets of an influential engineer? A mixing engineer sets a vision for an outcome prior to making mixes. They put their energy and passion in what they do to deliver projects as per client requirements. Their prime objective is to focus on client needs with discipline. They apply their training that they gained during their learning process and they always keep an accurate view of the project they handle.

Dither or distort ? Listen and decide for yourself

How to decide between Dither or Distort? The effect of using dither on digital video is that it creates a lot of hiss in the video. This random noise is added to the signal to prevent quantization error but it is not always necessary when you first record an analogue signal – most audio have enough random noise in them to effectively “self-dither” the signal. So the main idea is that, a little low level hiss is always better while mixing at 16bit.

Loudness Wars versus Michael Jackson – Loud Loses !

How good is high volume? People now-a-days are more inclined towards louder music, very few prefer pleasant notes over the louder ones. The Loudness Wars are making all our music louder, more crushed and distorted – for no good reason. Research shows that “loud” records are fatiguing and harder to listen to and they also cause disturbance at some point.

iTunes Sound Check has an “Album Mode” – finally !

Finally  “Album Mode” is available in the iTunes Sound Check feature which is enabled in the itunes radio by default. Itunes sound check helps to even out the differences between different songs in the itunes library or on a itunes radio and to stop the volumes from jumping up and down in shuffle mode. But this is not needed in the case of albums. An album is a carefully constructed sequence of songs, thus “Album Mode” facilitates to keep a balance and makes quite songs quite and the loud songs loud.

Has the Loudness War been won ?

This is a very important topic where Ian Shepherd speaks about Bob katz who is a campaigner against the loudness war. He took a public stand against the loudness war. Itunes audio levels are fully regulated using Sound Check algorithm. Bob says “sound check” is an intelligent volume control in the “Itunes Radio” which adjusts the volume on its own. Bob Katz posted on his website “Digital Domain” that the loudness war has been won and the last battle will be over by middle of 2014.

Mastering: How to make a song louder in mastering – and the price you pay

Learn mastering with multiband compression. A song can be made louder using compressor, EQ and limiting. The main idea is to raise the volume without making the track sound crushed or distorted. Usually louder tracks are distorted and the chorus is not audible to the ears but multiband compressor helps to lessen the distortion and raise the volume on the other hand.

Home Mastering EQ Workshop


This webinar describes about using EQ in mastering, using the songs as examples. While EQ’ing a track one should always have a consistent monitoring level. Bring the song which needs to be mixed into the DAW, adjust the monitor so that it is a comfortable listening level and then bring other tracks and try to match to that song that needs to adjust to that level in your DAW. Thus consistent monitor will always help in better results.