Free downloadable stuff for your sick music production. You can use it right away. VST, AU plugins, DAWs, tutorials, effects, instruments, all you can eat.

Free audio editing software

audacityAudacity by Audacity Team (Linux, Mac, Windows) – for basic audio editing and recording, this is number 1. Audacity can support also 3rd part VST plugins and is packed with plenty of effects ready for use.

Download it for free



music editor freeMusic Editor Free 2012 by MEFMedia (Windows) – decent freeware audio editor. You have to deselect the optional toolbar during the installation process, if you want to get clean application, otherwise it can act like ugly spyware program.

Download it for free



acoustica basic editionAcoustica Basic Edition by Acon Digital (Windows) – freeware version of Acoustica software suite. In this basic version you can find all important functions and features and also some decent plugins like reverb and analysis tool.

Download it for free




Excellent free Reason Tutorial (check out our review of Reason 7)


Free plugins

Collection of best free pitch correction VST/AU plugins
GSnap (Windows), KeroVee (Windows), MAutoPitch (Mac, Windows)

AC-1 (Windows), BLOCKFISH (Mac, Windows), Classic compressor (Windows), Compressive Pro (Windows), D2 (Windows), DC1A (Mac, Windows), MCompressor (Mac, Windows), Molot (Mac, Windows)

+delay (Mac, Windows), Classic Delay (Windows), freqecho (Mac, Windows), Kingdubby (Mac), RubbaDub (Mac, Windows), WatKat (Mac, Windows), Tape Delay (Windows), TAL-DUB-II (Mac, Windows)

Reverb – algorythmic
Ambience (Mac, Windows), Classic Reverb (Windows), Mverb (Mac, Windows), Spring Reverb (Mac Windows), TimeVerb (Mac, Windows), Spring Line (Windows), DX Reverb Light (Mac, Windows)

Tape/Tube/Analog saturation
JS Magneto (Windows), AsquaVox (Mac, Windows), NastyVCS (Windows), Saturation Knobb (Mac), RubyTube (Windows), Saturator (Windows), TubeDriver (Windows), Tube Amp (Mac, Windows)

Guitar AMP Simulator
Amplitube 3 Free (Mac, Windows), ampLION (Mac, Windows), Guitar Amp (Windows), POD Farm FREE (Windows), Shred (Windows), Amplifikation Lite (Mac, Windows)

Stereo Enhancer
bx_solo (Mac, Windows), MStereoExpander (Mac, Windows), UpStereo (Mac, Windows), WideBug (Windows), Stereo Tools (Mac, Windows), Rescue (WIndows), Stereoizer (Windows)

Spectrum Analyzer
FreqAnalyst (Mac, Windows), Inspector (Mac, Windows), SPAN (Mac, Windows), Spectrum Analyzer (Windows), Real Time Analyzer (Mac)

Filterizer (Mac, Windows), bx_cleansweep V2 (Mac, Windows), BiFilter (Windows), NorthPole (Mac, Windows), QB Filter (Mac, Windows), Niveau Filter (Mac, Windows), Classic Auto-Filter (Windows)

NUSofting daHornet (Mac, Windows), de la Mancha FMMF (Windows), Green Oak Crystal (Mac, Windows), Ichiro Toda Synth (Windows), u-he Zebralette (Windows, Mac)

Martinic Combo Organ (Windows, Mac)


Free samples library

DR-550 Drum Sample Kit – a free electronic drum sample library, based on the BOSS DR-550 drum machine

 Sonic Couture Free Libraries – collection of free samples hi quality – mostly use for cinemation projects (music boxes, brush kit, speak and spell – childrens toy in action)

Victorian Music Box – antique kontakt smple library, from 19th century


….and please stay tuned. A music producer is updating this page once in a while.