Stereo Buss Compression

On this week's Into The Lair, Dave goes over stereo buss compression and the difference between compressors and limiters! 2:02 Gates STA-LEVEL Compressor 3:1...

Fatter Snare With Compression

Part 15 of 31 - Here's yet another way to fatten up your snare drum, by using some fast attack compression. Enjoy! Download my free eBook "The...

Side Chain Compression

Dave goes over Sidechain Compression techniques, Tape Saturation plug-ins, and Steven Slate's Trigger in this week's "Into The Lair"

Advanced Parallel Compression Techniques

In the 53rd Into The Lair, Dave Pensado goes over some Advanced Parallel Compression Techniques using Bass and Vocals as an example.

Vocal Mixing with EQ, Compression

Part 2/2 of Dave Pensado taking you through his technique using EQ, Compression, and Effects on vocal recordings.

Enhance your music production with Novation Ultranova

There is certainly something to be said about this synth, especially if you are into music production or sound design. It could be easily priced...