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Interviews with famous people in music industry. Music producers, engineers, managers, artsts. Learn from masters. Music movies and documentaries about music production.

rick rubin

Funky Monks. Recording with Rick Rubin and RHCP

Funky Monks is the title of a 1992 documentary (also the title of a song from the 1991 album Blood Sugar Sex Magik) about the rock band...

Jaycen Joshua

Jaycen Joshua won 3x Grammy Award. He works at Larrabee Sound Studio in North Hollywood. He started his career in 2006, after he became partner with David Pensado,...
art of audio recording

The Art of Audio Recording. From Demo to Master

In this documentary, top UK producer Greg Haver presents how he transforms demo song into a final release master. Enjoy this journey - from demo to master...

Producer Eric Valentine

Music Producer and Drummer Eric Valentine. Eric produces records for such a artists like Queens of The Stone Age, Smash Mouth, SLash or Good Charlotte.
lives of quincy jones

Quincy Jones – Listen Up The Lives Of Quincy

Documentary movie about the legendary musician, arranger, composer and producer Quincy Jones. Full of intimate interviews with famous people and colleges in music industry.

Producer/Mix Engineer Ken Andrews

Music producer and mix engineer Ken Andrews who worked with Paramore, Beck, Nine Inch Nails, M83. Analog vs Digital? Andrew like digital age. His main argue is...

Producer/Mixer/Musician Jason Suecof

Jason is an American music producer, mix engineer, musician and song writer. He is best know for his songs and song-writing skills with the band Trivium.
interview with hanz zimmer

Interview with Hanz Zimmer

Lost tape. Hanz Zimmer in his studio is speaking about the different aspect of the sound, his career, music, influences. Hanz Florian Zimmer  is a German film composer...
quincy jones

Recording with Quincy Jones. How he did Thriller

Famous music producer Quincy Jones. How he did Thriller and how it became the greatest selling album of all time? The secrets revealed in this documentary.

Mix Engineer Marcella Araica

Marcella Araica is an American recording and mixing engineer, also music producer. She is recognized for her work for   artists as Britney Spears, Madonna, Pink or Duran Duran....

Enhance your music production with Novation Ultranova

There is certainly something to be said about this synth, especially if you are into music production or sound design. It could be easily priced...