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Delay Time Calculator

To create an audible rhythm with the delay effect, you should synchronise the delay time to the rhythm of the music.

Below the fold: a Delay Time Generator and Delay and Frequencies Calculator.

Delay Time Formula

Here's an example done manually - we'll assume you want to synchronise to the 1/16th (sixteenth) note:

  • Time the length of 4 bars
  • Divide the time of those 4 bars by 64

Don't worry about the theory though, just use the delay time calculator below!

Delay Time Generator

To use:
  • Insert the BPM of your song
  • Select the note division to convert
BPM notes = ms

Delay and Frequencies Calculator

Enter the bpm of the song you're working on and this calculator will give you the length in milliseconds for several note values.

Main use: To set your delays, pre-delays, reverb etc... It will also calculate the Hertz modulation for each note value too!

Great for settting modulation effects like Tremolo, Vibrato and... oh yeah, LFO's!!!

Delay and Frequency calculator
1) BPM:
Delay Times and Frequencies:
Dot 1/2 note: ms. hz
1/2 note: ms. hz
Dot 1/4 note: ms. hz
1/4 note: ms. hz
1/4T note: ms. hz
Dot 1/8 note: ms. hz
1/8 note: ms. hz
1/8T note: ms. hz
1/16 note: ms. hz
1/16T note: ms. hz
1/32 note: ms. hz
Seconds Per Measure:
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