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Learn how to produce, record, mix, and master music and audio. Pensados Place is a weekly internet video show launched on 01/13/2011 and broadcast on Thisweekin.com. The show features Grammy award winning mix engineer Dave Pensado discussing various facets of sound art production with noted industry figures. David Pensado is one of the most respectful music producer and engineer and he reveals plenty of helpful tricks and tips. Learn how to make better mixes on PensadoPlace.tv.

Ozone 7 Advanced Overview

Dave Pensado Dave shares how he uses iZotope Ozone 7. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h8FZlwOoc-Q
how to mix reverb

New ways how to mix Reverb

If you want to get a little more energy to your mix, this video tutorial will help you to achieve that. Learn how to add color depth rich...

How to make your guitar wider

ANother great tip from Dave. Ever wondered how to widen your guitar tracks? Learn now how to make your guitar s sounding nice and wide, with all...

Mixing Vocals with Parametric EQ

Dave will explain you techniques for mixing vocals. In this video he is using parametric EQ to achieve this effect. Aim is to achieve better sounding vocals...

Vocal Delay Effect Tricks and Tips

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Vocal Delay Techniques

Mixing Engineer Dave Pensado of Pensado's Place teaches you how to do some unique delay techniques on lead vocals in the 35th edition of "Into The Lair".

Mixing Kick Drums

This video describes about drum sounds with different peak intensities and with different db selection in the mixing lair which is completely a new approach in mixing...

Using Reverb on Lead Vocals

In the 30th Into The Lair, Dave Pensado goes over how he likes to use Reverb on lead vocals while mixing. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ix2Un8XodIE

DBX 160 + Pultec Kick and Snare Parallel Compression Trick

Dave Pensado discusses his parallel compression method for kicks and snares using the DBX 160 and Pultec EQ in the 52nd Into The Lair series from Pensado's...

Instrument Levels in a Mix

Dave Pensado explains how he treats the relative level of instruments in a mix to bring out certain emotions or styles for the listener in the 38th...