David Pensado

Learn how to produce, record, mix, and master music and audio. Pensados Place is a weekly internet video show launched on 01/13/2011 and broadcast on Thisweekin.com. The show features Grammy award winning mix engineer Dave Pensado discussing various facets of sound art production with noted industry figures. David Pensado is one of the most respectful music producer and engineer and he reveals plenty of helpful tricks and tips. Learn how to make better mixes on PensadoPlace.tv.

Showtek – Pensado’s Place #112

Dutch electronic act Showtek joins Dave and Herb on the 112th episode of Pensado's Place! Stump the VK Guy Question: "What's the difference between a DA conv...

Vocal Mixing with EQ, Compression

Part 2/2 of Dave Pensado taking you through his technique using EQ, Compression, and Effects on vocal recordings.

Side Chain Compression

Dave goes over Sidechain Compression techniques, Tape Saturation plug-ins, and Steven Slate's Trigger in this week's "Into The Lair"

Triggering Drum Effects Using Samples

Mixing Engineer Dave Pensado shows creative ways of triggering effects using various drum samples in the 39th edition of "Into The Lair" from Pensado's Place.

Into The Lair #3 – Dissecting the Mix “Shorty is a Weirdo” Part 1

PART 1 of 2 Dave Pensado takes you through some tools he used on the mix for "Shorty is a Weirdo" by Mr. Midwest and Ray J....

Vocal Mixing Techniques

Into The Lair #6 - Vocal Mixing Techniques.

Vocal Delay Techniques

Mixing Engineer Dave Pensado of Pensado's Place teaches you how to do some unique delay techniques on lead vocals in the 35th edition of "Into The Lair".

Vocal Effects

This week's ITL is part 1 of 2 of an in-depth walk-through of how Dave uses vocal reverbs and effects!

80’s Snare Drum Trick

Dave Pensado from Pensado's Place shows you a common recording studio trick of gating white noise on a snare drum to enhance and/or change it's character and...

Final tips for widening your tracks!

This week's Into The Lair is a continuation from last week's where Dave gives four distinct examples of how to clear out the middle and get wider...

Enhance your music production with Novation Ultranova

There is certainly something to be said about this synth, especially if you are into music production or sound design. It could be easily priced...