The best recording microphones under $200

So you got a computer, have your favorite DAW installed and bought the best audio interface for your first home recording studio. If you plan to record vocals or live instruments, you will need at least one good microphone.

Recording at home kinda sucks, doesn’t ?

For poor musician, in a small bedroom studio…

And there are so many microphones to choose from….

Finding good mics, at a great price can be next to impossible. How to deal with this?

Most microphones record certain instruments and sound types better than others. You can get very specific about your mic choices, but since we’re just starting we want to find an inexpensive yet versatile option. So let’s put down a list of the best recording and versatile inexpensive microphones that can do this trick for you.

Sure SM57

This is probably the most often used mic in both pro and home recording studio. Also it calls “when engineer reaches for a mic” microphone. This mic works well on so many things – vocals, drums, guitars, sax….It is an industry standard and professional studios typically have a dozen or more of them (just to illustrate you how popular is). Your first gear shopping list will be not complete without at least one Shure SM57.

Audio Technica AT2020

Well, you probably heard of Neumann 87, the most famous condenser mic. Condenser mics are the most common types of microphones you will find in any studio. The reason is, they have  a much greater frequency response and transient response – which is the ability to reproduce the “speed” of an instrument or voice. But common complain of getting one is that they are so damn expensive.

Well, mostly true….among that many terrible options.

However, in every tunnel is a light. For example, very affordable and well-respected condenser mic with an endless number of positive reviews is AT2020 from Audio Technica.

Sennheiser e602

Looking for mic that will capture true bass?  To get a right bass sound can be a tricky task. You need to use mic that is specially made to accommodate the lowest of the low frequency. Only few of them can do this job. And a lot of them are priced over 200 bucks. However, there is also an exception. The gold choice. One of the most versatile microphone on the planet that is capable of greater than 155 dB SPL (what is SPL? Sound pressure, measured in decibels. Most of the mics can handle only up to some SPL, afterwards they break. For your imagination Jet Engines sound pressure level is 150 dB, calm breathing only 10 dB).

Samson C02

Ever heard of this company?

Acoustic instruments like a guitar needs a special treatment to get a great and true sound. With single mic it can be a challenge. And therefore a standard tools of choice are a matched pair of small diaphragm condensers. However, most of them are really expensive.

Again, God bless for an exception. There is one mic, with almost positive reviews….Samson C02. You would never think that company like Samson can make such an impressive mic at that price level.

Studio Projects B3

You are new to music production and probably stereo recording is not high on your priorities.

However, later on you will realize the importance of this skill.

And one of the required tools will be a multi pattern condenser microphone. On the market there are plenty of them and mostly they cost thousands $ each. But we are still talking about mics under $200. If you want to meet with this great world of stereo recording as soon as possible, this is an option. With features you would expect in a world class microphone, the Studio Projects B3 can offer you three recording pattern positions (cardioid, omni and a true figure eight) with pad and Hi-Pass filter. Well, here you go.