Best music production software for beginners

Best music production software for beginners

2x Grammy Award winning music producer Dallas Austin introduced lately music production software not only for beginners called BTV SOLO. Dallas Austin has been recognized from cooperation with such an artists like Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga or Madonna. Probably it is one of the simplest software packed with powerful features for music production and beat making. With BTV Solo everyone can produce great music – doesn’t matter if you are beginner or advanced music producer. Dallas Austion probably knows the recipe how to make a music and he has implemented all his knowledge and experience in this beautiful piece of music production software. So lets have a look in our In-Depth Review what can be done with BTV Solo and where are the restriction and where is this program limiting when it comes to music production.


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The Layout and Overview

The layout of BTV Solo is very similar to a simpler version of BKE Beat Thank Virtual Software . Let’s start with cons: BTV Solo doesn’t come with VST instruments and sampler (what a shame), however still can do the most what Beat Thank Virtual can do (not to mention that Beat Virtual is almost triple priced).


Easy of Use

best music production software BTV SOLO
With BTV Interface is very familiar to famous MPC music production controller

Well, interface of BTV Solo is very similar to famous music production controller MPC. The main advantage of this setup is, that it allows you to fast access to different patches and banks. SO the workflow is very flexible and fast. On the left side there is a browser where all your drums and sounds are listed. With one click they can be assigned to the key pads – sitting at the bottom area. Above that you can find 16 channels, where each represents a different sequence.

Display is very easy to navigate – in an easy and understable manner you can find there all information you need while making a beat. Next to it you can find sound effects for immediate use.

How I said before, it is so simple that you will get into it in a few hours. With external MIDI controller you can start to produce own powerfull beats and music on the other day after your buy.

The fact that it is external MIDI controller positive put this online program on another level. Some other online beat making softwares don’t come with this option, and so making music is more like struggling to get your music right with you keyboard.



Sounds and Drum kits

sound expansion pack music production software
Get an extra sounds into your sick track wirh Sound expansion pack which offers you 1000+ Samples and 100+ drum kits

This program comes with professionally engineered sounds and sample drum kits. Big pros!!! All sounds coming out of this baby are hi quality and that is the first step and basic foundation if you want to produce great music.

Some of these sounds can sound to you familiar, because you can find them in lot of nowadays productions, however thats not the reason for disappointment: when it sells good, use it a lot. Same sounds are used by Dallas Austin itself in his sick productions.

Another reason to give it a try. There is also an option to import your own samples, or very interesting feature, which offers you to develop your own sounds completely from scratch. Thank you Austin! BTV Solo can be expanded with Sound expansion pack for an additional cost.


Effects and Mastering Tools

Usually mastery of effects will make your production interesting and will separate it from someone else. BTV Solo is packed up with different effects, including phasers, flangers, distortions, harmonizers, pitch shifters and other modulation effects. You can find there also huge databank of reverbs, delays and vinyl effects ready for use right away.

btv solo effect music production software
With balls

Mastering needs a trained ear and it is a little bit more technical approach to your production. However, with mastering tools implemented in BTV Solo, such a compressor, limiter, EQ, volume and harmonics enhancer you will have a chance to edit minor flows and pimp up your sounds and final track. I strongly recommend to start with ear training, sooner you start later you will be able to produce and make great and balanced music.

[box type=”download”]Give it a try and claim your free demo of BTV Solo now![/box]

Additional features / Instrument Builder

music production instrument builder
With BTV Solo it is easy to customize and edit your sounds and organize it into favorite lists for quick access

Well, after playing with installed sounds, one day you will got bored and you will want to import your own sounds there or create your own trademark sonic sculptures. Is that possible? First of all, there is a nice option to keep the files organized with favorites list. Using Custom Drum Kits it is easy to assign each instrument to its own sound pad, and create your own combination. This allows you to keep all your favorite sounds in one place and it helps you to speed up your workflow and make beats much faster.

With instrument builder you can layer multiple instruments to together to create own sonic sculpture and a completely new sound. Very few music production softwares in this price range offer such a versatility and variability like BTV Solo.


Final thoughts

BTV Solo is a great solution for all of you who are crazy about music production and want to start to make own beats and music right away. This piece of software is not only for beginners, but also for advanced music producers and the fact that it was designed by one of the very successful music producer who has worked with some of the most prominent artists gives you guarantee that you will get in your hand powerful toy to crack the music industry with your own sick beats and music production. Strongly recommend it to you!

“One of the best DJ Innovation” – DJ Zone (world’s biggest magazine for DJ)


“This baby is for all ages. You can travel with it, you can compose and produce with it. My music production is dependent on this.” – DJ Ruckus (K. West, Prada, P.Diddy)


“One of the greatest innovation in the music industry. Program packed up with functionality and versatility. It is laid very well for all music producers.” – Tricky Steward (Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry)


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