Best affordable studio monitors for home studios

Best affordable studio monitors for home studios

Well, lets face it:

Nothing is more important in every studio than a good pair of monitors.  If you’ve never heard music through a pair of  decent monitors, you might be blown away by the detail they can provide.

But there is a problem.

The cheap monitors are usually the piece of crap.
The good studio monitors typically cost > $1000.
And what are the stand for “good” monitors, anyway? Often what sounds good to one person, can sounds dreadful to another.

If you are the beginner, you would be crazy to pay all that freaky money for unsure results.

Solution? Research. There is always plenty of fish in the sea. We have to spot the one, that is most popular. That’s why I made a list of the most affordable studio monitors for home studios sorted by the overwhelming flood of positive reviews for each of them.

affordable studio monitorsKRK Rokit 5 G3

What sometimes takes your attention on the pictures of other bedroom recording studios, is the distinct yellow color of some monitors in the background.

So famous design…

Big music producers, like Dr. Dre have lot of pictures on the internet with monitors looking familiar.

Even if he uses upper class of monitors from the same brand….this can only mean one thing:

KRK is a very solid brand.

KRK Rockit 5 are the most popular, reviewed and highly recommended monitors for all small home studios. At that price level, you will not find the better deal.

Other notable features are:

  • you can control high and low frequency by special knob
  • a limiter that prevent overload and speaker damage
  • “soft dome” tweeter for all frequencies up to 30 Hz

jbl cheap studio monitorsJBL LSR305

Let’s recap.

Low price, the numbers of positive reviews….seems pretty much similar to KRK’s.

If you are buying your first pair of studio monitors, but you don’t like the yellow color, you won’t be sorry, after getting JBL.

Interesting fact:
JBL designed this monitors with many “borrowed” hi end features that can be found in their flagship unit the M2 Master Monitor, priced at a crazy $6.000 a pair. Here we go!

Still not convinced? Check this:

  • very unique Image Control technology checked
  • a tighter low end delivered by patented “Slip Stream” bass port checked
  • wide sweet spot for flexible and powerful listening checked

M-Audio-AV40 the cheapest good studio monitorM-Audio AV-40

Looking for truth?

Maybe you won’t find there “near perfect” reviews of the previous mentioned monitors.

But it doesn’t mean, that I put M-Audio AV40 here by mistake. Especially, if you consider one BIG advantage over the others.

This monitor costs HALF as much. Right. I repeat again. They are priced / 2.

Rare exception. Normally for that price you will find only garbage.

And for that price you get also this:

  • improved detail and clarity using OptImage III Tech
  • Volume control and headphone control sitting on the left monitor
  • No interference with other desktop electronics. How? Using magnetic shield 

What’s next?

If you are on the budget, your first studio monitors don’t need to be the killing one. Also, it takes time to learn how to listen your mixes properly, how to hear details and clarity in the music. I guarantee, that for that price, you WILL NOT find the better deal.

Also remember, regardless of what you get, you should also buy a pair of  isolation pads so the quality of sound aren’t negatively affected by the surface you place them on.