How to become a music producer.

Learn music production.

How to produce music.

I often hear the same question over and over again. 

How to become a music producer?​

And anyway, what does a Music Producer do?​ What is his job?

How to produce and make great music? ​

If you ever wondered how to become a music producer, or any of these questions crossed your mind, you came to the right place.

Welcome to Roadmap to Music Production. What it is all about? Free videos, online courses and pdf ebooks written on this topic grouped by themes, that every music producer should know about it. Watch, enroll, download, read, enjoy! Learn music production today, ONLINE and for free. I cannot promise that you will become the best music producer in the world by tomorrow, however after getting through this material, you will definitely be able to produce music in your own CREATIVE way

Music production is an ART. Complex, beautiful, sexy, sometimes boring, but the most of it, it is the great way how to express yourself, your inspirations, creativity, how to learn believing in yourself, your judgements and opinions, how to discipline yourself and I believe that it makes you a better skilled person, it can push your own limitations behind a border.​


The Practical Way: Learn Electronic Music Production

A great introductory guide to electronic music production in FL Studio. You will learn about effective drum programming techniques, how to write a solid bassline that fits well with your drums, basic music theory that can be practically applied to what you're doing, and much more.

Mixing Music - Learn how to mix a Pop Rock Song like a Pro

In this class we'll teach you the best mixing techniques used to get professional sounding pop rock mixes. You'll have access to the raw tracks of the song used in the class, so you can start putting everything you learn into practice right away.

Mixing Hip Hop

Take this course and start creating professional sounding hip hop mixes for your personal music projects. Mixing Music: Learn the BEST music production & mixing techniques used by the pros on numerous platinum selling records! 

How to make beats like pros

If you have always wanted to be a music producer, and make your own beats, or if you make beats and just want to refresh and improve what you already know, this course is perfect for you. In Learn how to make beats like the pros, you will learn the secrets that most major music producers have been hiding for years. 

Electronic Dance Music Production: How to do mashups and edits

In this course you will learn How To Do Mashups and Edits, and that is the best way to start to understand how Electronic Music Production works. Take it as a introduction to Music Production techniques, so even if you don´t know how to work with the software you own, this course gives you the ideas about what music softwares can do. 


Before we start to talk about recording, mixing, mastering, there is really not much you can do, until you build your own recording/mixing setup, right? To have good monitoring system and mixing setup is also one of the necessities if you want to build up new listening habits to make great mixes one day. We will talk about it later. However, you want to be sure that your room, acoustic and monitoring system is good enough to let you hear all tiny details in your music production. So what equipment needed for home recording studio ? If you want to have good, reliable and cost effective home recording studio read on.

Choose the best laptop for music production


Learn how to pick up quality audio interface


To get it right, it requires a lot of plug-and-play. But it is always good to know how to start.

LEARN more about how to set up your studio and acoustic treatment.

Music Production - Basics.

Now you have your own mixing setup, it is good to get some basic knowledge of music production. I put together the best free pdf ebooks, good for all beginners, who want to produce music, but don't know how to start. Just to get your feet wet; they will explain you everything you need to know in very easy-to-understand way.

TRAIN YOUR EARs, critical listening and ability to hear music in a new way

There are many skills you will need to develop if you want to be good sound engineer or music producer one day. However, the most obvious (and often overlooked) skill for all is the ability to listen. The main job of sound engineer / music producer is constantly making a decisions and evaluate the quality of sounds of individual sound sources in the mix, to describe what is being heard and the facility to articulate possible audio issues within the mix. Truth is that this critical listening usually takes a years to develop.

Good news is, that everyone can make it and it is never too late to start with it.

You can train your ears by evolving your own system (check out Dave Pensado video how to make it). It is little bit time demanding and it requires your creativity to come up with exercises. If you are passionate about being a music producer  one day, nothing will stop you. However, there are some nice applications/books out there that can make your life easier and save time. Unfortunately, they are not for free. Please note, that some of the links I will mention in this section may be affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please do not spend any money on these products, unless you feel you need them or they will help you achieve your goals.

Critical listening for studio production

This course is a technical ear training programme designed to improve critical listening in a music studio context.​


Very handy application for your iPhone and also Mac workstation, you can get it cheaply at App Store. Cons of this App is, that if you use it regularly and too often, it will get easy for you to guess the correct answers.

Train Your Ears
EQ Edition

Similar App to QuizTones. However, it is more robust. Level of difficulty is freely customizable and so program itself can focus on your weakest spots.

Audio Production and Critical Listening

This is my favorite one. It comes with book and software. If you want to learn how to hear eq, compression, reverb and delay, distortion and more, get this one.


I totally agree with you. This is an essential skill for any music production. And the only way how to develop it is to practice, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. Because practice makes perfection. If you struggling with your mixes for some reason (dullness, they lack clarity, or sound flat with no energy, made in garage, etc...)....and you want them to sound professional and competitive....this menu is for you! FREE pdf guides and youtube online music courses that will show you how to make professional sounding mixes.


Music and music production itself is so complex that there is no way to cover all of it in-depth in 1 or 2 books. Good for us, there are many free online music courses out there from respected and well-known schools and universities and if you desire to get to know more about specific topic then you gonna check them out and enroll.

Introduction to music production

Learn about the music production process—including recording, editing, and mixing — and the tools available to you to create contemporary music on your computer. Great insight for everyone who are taking  music production seriously. 


Learn an efficient, effective process for writing songs that express your ideas and emotions, including a range of tools that revolve around the concept of prosody—the matching of lyrics and music to support your underlying message.

Introduction to digital sound design

This course will provide an overview of the fundamental principles of sound and the factors that determine our audio perception. It will also explore techniques of recording, mixing, processing, synthesis, sampling, analysis, and editing of digital audio that express your ideas and emotions, including a range of tools that revolve around the concept of prosody—the matching of lyrics and music to support your underlying message.

Survey of Music Technology

Learn to make music with digital audio workstation software, understand the theory and history behind music production tools. Through the exploration of topics such as acoustics, psychoacoustics, digital signal processing, audio synthesis, spectral analysis, algorithmic composition we will explore the deep relationships between art and science, between theory and practice, and between experimental and popular electronic music.

Fundamental of Audio and Music Engineering

In this course students learn the basic concepts of acoustics and electronics and how they can applied to understand musical sound and make music with electronic instruments. Topics include: sound waves, musical sound, basic electronics, and applications of these basic principles in amplifiers and speaker design.

Develop your musicianship

Learn the basic concepts and approaches needed to understand, create, and perform contemporary music. If you have a passion for music and are curious about how it works, this course will provide you with an engaging introduction to key concepts and approaches needed to understand, create, and perform contemporary music.

Fundamentals of Music Theory

This course will introduce students to the theory of music, providing them with the skills needed to read and write Western music notation, as well as to understand, analyse, and listen informedly. It will cover material such as pitches and scales, intervals, clefs, rhythm, form, meter, phrases and cadences, and basic harmony.

Introduction to Classical Composition

This course aims to give students a set of approaches for composition in the style of Classical and Romantic era European art music. The issues of harmonic progression, voice leading, and texture are addressed in addition to relevant compositional concepts like repetition, variation, and elaboration. Learn classical composition.

Music theory, songwriting.

Being music producer is NOT ONLY about how to make good sounding mixes, how to record an instrument or how to apply EQ, compressor or right delay. There is much more about it and if you think that THIS IS YOUR NEW CAREER PATH, you should know whole roadmap to music production, otherwise you will get lost somewhere in the middle. The best music producers know how to make a HIT Song.  If you want to be the one of them, COMPOSE your own music in new CREATIVE way.

Learn to play an instrument

This is another important skill you will need to have at your disposal if you want to be one step ahead of other music producers. Any music instrument is a good, however to learn how to play piano will hugely benefit your future career.

Why piano?

It can be said that the piano is the most versatile instrument for producing music. If you are making a hip-hop beat, electronic music, or any other kind of music you would be using a synthesizer or a MIDI keyboard. It is indispensible tool for tinkering out melodies, phrasing and general knowledge of music chords. Nowadays to understand and to make music is also about your ability and skills to work with MIDI. With samples libraries you can easily replace huge orchestra, drummer, guitar player or whatever instrument you like and therefor learning piano will help you to get all part of your music under control.​


There is always something more. But...we are slowly getting there. How I said at the beginning: to be a music producer in these days means that you pretty much understand everything, what is related to music and music production. How to promote and marketing your music, what digital strategy works, how to sell your music, where creativity comes from, emotional aspects of music, etc....You don't have to be GOOD at just need to be aware of it.

Well, is this really END?

No. We are updating this list of free resources for aspiring music producers​ regularly. If you want to stay in touch subscribe to our mailing list and we will keep you updated if there is something new.  Live loop

And don't forget to share the knowledge! :)​

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