How to Make Your Mix Sound Louder Without Destroying Sonic Quality

Firstly, you have to realize that loudness is genre dependent and not every track needs to sound loud and thick. Obviously there are 2 stages when you can make your track sound loud.



Mixing stage and mastering stage

It is always good idea to have your song mastered in a professional mastering studio. The most prominent and successful mastering engineers have years of experience, trained ears and necessary knowledge how to use the sophisticated mastering processing gear. Mastering is very important final step, and any respectable mastering engineer will tell you that even a professional mastering studio with extremely skilled engineers and the best equipment and facilities won’t be able to make a bad mix sound really loud and clean. Therefor firstly you have to learn to cover the ground on the mixdown department, so the mastering can take your mix to totally another level.


Using quality samples and recordings

You have to have a decent listening environment, so you can make decision what is a good quality and what isn’t. Then you will easily learn to know a good quality sound when you hear one. It is all about training you ears – daily practice will get you there. When you hear sound, tend to listen for the low and high ends especially – do they sound clean and crisp? Are there any unwanted noises? Another important thing to listen to is the dynamics. Are they intact?


Learn compression and don’t ruin your tracks with too much limiting

People often think that compression is a magic pill that will help sound everything good and loud. Sure, compression is a great tool, but you have to learn how to use it properly. General rule of any compression is to use low ratios and to avoid short attack times. Short attack time usually kill audio. To avoid over-compressing your mixes you should remember, that the higher the ratio, the higher the threshold should be. Never forget, that heavy compression is always audible. Better idea is to use compression gently at different stages of recording and mixing. Also if you want to go for loudness, it is beneficial to learn how multiband and parallel compression works.



Saturation is very powerful and often overlooked tool. By adding little bit of saturation to individual channels you can drive your mix a tiny bit louder. It is always worthy to experiment with saturation – different plugins give you different results. You can add saturation to bass track, tape saturation work excellent for drums. Saturation in any form adds harmonics to the sound. The perceived volume is raised as natural compression with little bit of limiting. These combined effects add up to what could be called ‘fatness’ or a ‘warm’ analogue feel. Remember that saturated audio should still sound clean and not distorted.


Be careful with bass

Bass is usually taking lot of energy in the mix. It is always good idea to use low-cut filter to stop very low frequencies to get out of control. If you want to be sure what’s going on there, use a spectrum analyzer!


Balance your EQ

If your mix is unbalanced, it will never sound loud. In other words – balance is everything. For total loudness of your mix is very important to have balanced your Mids and Hi-Mids area. Our ear hearing is very sensitive in the 2kHz region – you can always use this trick to make guitars and drums sound loud and aggressive without pushing up the average level.


At the end of the day don’t worry about loudness too much. As you will practice with mixing and as your ears will be more trained, your mixdowns will get better and louder as a byproduct. Also with more practice you will develop your musical instincts: you will be able to trust your intuition while making a decisions.

Music producers in Atlanta

music producers in atlanta

Atlanta is considered as one of the best music Metropol in the world. Music producers from all genres now are taking up residence there to produce music for talented musicians founded in the South. Atlanta has a rich history in music – over 100 years with gospel and folk. Lot of experienced and successful bands make a regularly trips there to work with famous music producers to bring their album to the next level: R&B, jazz, rock, or country – nothing is impossible. Lets have a look in the list of the top music producers that call Atlanta home.

Josh Mackrell

An innovative audio enthusiast, audio engineer with background in sound design, audio mixing and studio recording. He is a creative mix master and producer, who is helping young musicians. Recorded, mixed, and mastered for Zone 4 Record Label, representing artists such as Keri Hilson, Roscoe Dash and Lloyd. Worked alongside Rocky Diamonds as part of Rockstar Entertainment and the Diamond Supply Company. Personally mastered, “The Diamond Life” 1 & 2. 

Southern Tracks Recording Studio

This great studio has been founded by legendary music producer Bill Lowery. He cooperate with such an artists like Bruce Springsteen, Aerosmith or SugerLand. He helped to become Atlanta such a great place for music today. He is be doing music production for ages and he likes to work with independent artists as well.

Chestnut Media

Production company with own recording studio established in 2002 in Atlanta. They do all genres in music as well as commercial videos and short and featured movies. They have quality contacts and network within local scene and are becoming more and more popular and famous for their independent productions.

Raishard Crawford

Being in the industry since 1999, Raishard  worked with many popular musicians famous for cooperation with  such an artists like Michael Jackson, Jarrad Thomas or Timberland. He is the owner of private studio in Atlanta, Georgia, and he is specialization is hip hop beats. However, he has become the standard all music producers will be judged against in this country, not only in hip hop, but across all genres. 

Matt Still

The one who worked with Elton John, Outkast or Stevie Wonder. Atlanta is his home and he is considered as one of the brightest musical producers who is always on the lookout to work with new talented musician. Writing music and helping young artists is what Matt Still is all about.

Top music production schools worldwide

top music production schools

Music production schools are getting more an more popular lately, giving you the opportunity to get Bachelor’s degree in audio production, certificate or other sort of diploma in music and audio production. From my own experience, the  best part of any music school or course is to get into music environment and build up connections with like-minded people, who encourage and motivate you to work harder and study more. If you start to surround yourself with experienced music producers, your progress will be more obvious. You will be naturally forced to devote more time to your music and you will learn a lot from your and your classmates mistakes. Also, what helped me alot during my school years, was long discussion, debates and sharing our musical inspirations, tips, and different views on music. Not to mention, that you usually spend a very nice time in a city abroad. So let’s have a look on top music production schools worldwide and the list of courses they offer.


Unites States

International  Academy of Design and Technology   Las Vegas, Tampa

Program that will help you develop your recording, mixing and mastering techniques.

Texas State University 

Bachelor of Science – Sound Recording Technology.

Full Sail University, Florida

From microphone placement, through editing skills and post-production audio, getting skills on digital and also analog equipment, finishing this school you will gain enough experience needed to start a career in the music industry.

Full Sail Univeristy offers Bachelor, but also different Diplomas related to Music, Audio and recording Engineering.

Berklee School of Music, Boston

Berklee has an excellent online education but also offers several in-house programs related to music production and engineering.

McNally Smith College of Music

They offer Bachelor of Science in Music production, but also associate degree – Associate of applied science in music and recording technology. You will learn recording and mixing techniques in analog, digital and also hybrid studio technology. With developing a broad range of technical, analytical and problem solving skills you will be able to work as an audio professional.

Indiana University Bloomington

Bachelor of Science in Recording Arts

University of Hartford

4 years program in Music production, that incorporate all aspect of music and audio engineering.

Recording Connection

They off internship based music education in more than 250 cities. With Recording connection you can study Audio Engineering, Music producing, DJ School, Hip Hop and beat making, Live sound and electronic music. They work with hundreds of top recording studios around United States, so you don’t need to leave your job, and move to another city to become a music producer.

Conservatory of Recording Arts and Sciences

After finishing this school you will get diploma in audio engineering and music production.

Institute of Audio Research

Diploma in Audio Recording and Production. Program designed for students who have occupational goals in the creation of new media, including, but not limited to producing, engineering, editing, and creation.

Musician’s Institute , California

Program will prepare you for career in the music industry by providing in-depth training in the essential techniques of recording and production.

Los Angeles Recording School

They offer various diplomas and certificates in sound – from film to music product. and music business.

Art Institute of Seattle

Diploma in Audio Production Program covering audio recording, sound reproduction, audio for video and broadcast production.



Recording Arts – Sound and Music

Montreal or Toronto? From Acoustic, through audio consoles, computers to signal processing and recording techniques, sound design and post production. This program covers all aspects of music education.

Trebas Institute

Montreal film school offers a degree in studio recording and live sound.


Audio production techniques teach audio and musical techniques for future sound technicians (game sound design, audio post production, sound recording techniques).



SAE Institute

SAE Institute offers different audio engineering diplomas and degrees in various locations (Madrid, London, Oxford, etc..). This is one of the most popular audio engineering school in Europe.

School of Sound Recording

One of the leading educator in the music industry in London and Manchester, offering different courses related to music and audio production.


Famous Manchester School of Media offers degree courses in post production, audio engineering and production and sound.Each course has been developed to provide you with the skills and experience to make your career in sound engineering a reality.

PointBlank, London

Plenty of Music courses – singing, songwriting, DJ courses, music prod and sound engineering. One of the most promotes music school on the internet.

Alchemea, London

UK audio private college offering world class facilities you can use 24 hours / 7 days in a week. From full audio courses to short ones. Various diplomas from game, movie to audio and live sound.

Recording Workshop

Sound engineering and music producer diploma for those who are seriously looking at sound engineering, music production, sound design or other audio studio related occupations as a life long vocation.

London School of Sound

London School of Sound gives you the experience of London Sound – work on your own music, get involved with the music scene in London, collaborate with musicians outside the school.

University of Portsmouth

Music and Sound Technology program, for people, who are interested in sound and music and wish to develop and apply their skills in the modern music industry – from sound design, composition, performance to film and video production and multimedia application.



VanderSound Audio Engineering School

Audio Engineering school – one on one.

Australian Institute of Music

AIM’s audio course for everyone who want to develop professional skills in critical listening, recording, mixing, studio and live sound.

JMC Academy

Whether your dream is to record, create, produce, edit, mix or master, this course provides an in-depth understanding of the operational and technical aspects of the industry with particular emphasis on studio recording and production, live sound production and sound design.



How old are your ears? Take this hearing test

I wrote it already few time here, the most important and often overlooked skill of every professional music producer is the ability of listening.  Human hearing can detect frequencies between 20Hz and 20kHz. As we grow older and also due to prolonged exposure to high sound pressure levels, we often lose the extreme ends overhearing spectrum. SO how your hearing compare to other average person your age? Take this video test and verify how old are your ears. And if you cannot hear the highest frequencies, don’t panic: You can always train your ears to hear special nuances and details in the music. It is not all about frequency hearing. Good music producers are able to listen music in more detailed and open way. I remember my college days, where I had a teacher who was deaf in one ear: however, he was able to produce a gorgeous music. And the good news is that everyone can learn to hear this kind of depth of perception in his own music production.  Someone calls it the color hearing, because it is like seeing the picture in black/white and then seeing the same picture with oversaturated colors post-processed in photoshop: the difference is huge. All you have to do is to have patience to culture your ear (train your ear regularly every day) to gain the ability to zoom into music and add depth to your listening. 

IMPORTANT: Watch this video in 1080p, because resolution settings can affect audio. Don’t forget to pick up the headphones.

Top 6 british music producers in 2013

Music is life that so much people agree, but music is great business too. Many people are making millions of dollars by creating extraordinary music. Today I have listed the top 6 music producers of the United Kingdom in 2013 on the basis of their songs popularity and how well the people has received their albums. Without further ado, lets our list get started.

rudimentalRudimental is drum and bass producer. They started their production by partnering with Black Butter records and their first song was “Feel the Love” which was a massive hit. The main reason for their success I believe is that they incorporate the soulful aspects in the drum and bass music, they just changed the way music feels. Recently, Rudimental was nominated by the MTV’s best UK and Ireland act, YouTube breakthrough music award and World Wide Music Award. Due to this massive success Rudimental was one of the top music producers in the UK in 2013.


duke dumontDuke Dumont is a DJ by profession but lately got into the field of production. The song that made him famous if “Need U 100%” which was featuring A.M.E. In my opinion it was one of the most popular song in 2013 at UK. It was received very well by the people and quickly became the number one song in the UK singles chart by April 2013. To produce this song he partnered with “Ministry of Sound” label records. He also produced a video for this song and till date it has got over 15 Million views. The main reason for the success of this millionaire is the mentor he had. When he started his career he made a great decision to become a student of Switch who has produced songs for Beyonce or Santigold.

maya jones colesMaya Jones Coles is by profession a DJ and an audio engineer, but by passion she is being a music producer. Maya had a great passion for music from her early ages and when she was fifteen she decided to learn how to produce music with the Cubase program. Her first productions were more in hip-hop and trip hop, however in 2008 she released her first record on Dogmatic Records which were more house music based. She gained her breakthrough exposure, when she released her four track debut, in 2010. In 2013 she did it again with her debut album „Comfort“, which featured guests such a Tricky, Miss Kittin, Alpines, or Karin Park.

disclosureDisclosure Disclosure is an English band that was started by two brothers in South London. The mostly produce the mix of house, UK Garage and UK funky. Most of their songs sounds fresh and melodious. The reason why they are in this list is because of their album “Settle”, it was UK’s number 1 album for 2013. It has been sold like crazy, till date they have sold over 300,000 of this album. They even get nominated in the Grammies for this album.


Shahid KhanShahid Khan formally known as Naughty boy, is UK’s one of the most demanded pop producer and pop songwriter. He has produced several so called successful records in the past but none of them were like that they can be called a Massive Hit. But in 2013 he did it by producing his album Hotel Cabana. In Hotel Cabana he featured many great singers like Ed Shereen, or Wiz Khalifa. The most popular song that climbed the charts very quickly was “La La La”, it was one of the most popular song not just in UK but in the rest of the world. The video of this song has got over 256 Million in YouTube. Because of this massive success of this album he received several nomination in the world’s best Music Awards like the World Music Awards for Best Entertainer of the year, Worlds Best Male Artist, and Worlds Best Video, YouTube awards for YouTube break through.

Gorgon CityGorgon City is the name of the company of two producers who are in British Savvy pop culture. They both are song writers and music producers. When they released their new track Real featuring Yasmine and Intention featuring clean Bandit they became famous overnight. These two songs were very popular and were received very well by the people. The video song of “Real” which was produced in partnership of the Black Butter Records has alone got over a Million views on YouTube.


Music producers usually play a critical role in the musical entertainment industry today. Some of them are great musicians and songwriters, the others are often businessman who can turn their talents into a musical money making product that satisfied the vision and financial interest of the label. Truth behind the scene is, that you don’t have to be a virtuoso to be one of them: with a little time, hard work, networking, and patience everyone can become a successful music producer. Check also article about top 10 music producers in 2013.

The most inspirational recording studios

Before you listen or watch that interesting movie or amazing song, it has to be processed in a studio. The recording industry is quite competitive. It is difficult for any studio to make it to the top thus any of them must set the bars so high for others to reach. If you have been wondering on some of the nicest recording studios ever, then this article is a must read.

Hanz Zimmer Recording studio

This is probably most comfortable recording studio. From the pictures, I already can say that I feel there like in my living room. Hanz Zimmer, who made a lot of memorable music for some of the most popular Hollywood movies, designed his studio in baroque style. Read this article about him and his studio, it is very inspirational!


Real world studios

This is a residential recording studio found in Box, Wiltshire. You can easily locate them in the south west region on England. It has been widely known to offer an inspiring atmosphere having some of the best acoustic technology solutions. It is home to WOMAD together with customized producer rooms which are busy every time. It offers a wide range of latest recording equipments to provide you with all that is needed to match your talent. It has proven to be the perfect musicians such as Kanye West and Beyonce Knowles. There is no doubt that this facility, founded by Peter Gabriel is the one of the nicest in the world. Real World studios offers also mixing through mail – eMixing. They promise you to mix your recording by UK top music producers. Worthy to try.



9WG Studios

This multi use production facility was built in commercial building, in downtown Richmond, Virginia. Before it became recording studio, this building was used as a jewellery shop and photography studio. Nowadays 9WG studio offers music recording, audio and video production and post production. It is environmentally friendly construction, full of creative space for independent contractors.


Blackbird studio

It was formerly known as the Creative Recording studio and was founded in 2002. It was fully renovated by the famous county music star, Martina McBride. Located in Nashville, this studio boasts of clients such as Black Eyed Peas and Taylor Swift. The facility holds 8 studios together with other recreational facilities such as a basketball half court. It is well equipped to handle tasks such as editing, tracking, transfers and even audio rentals. It does offer local internships that can result in permanent employment. This is just another reason to check o this studio.


East West studios

They were originally constructed back in the 1960s by Bill Putnam and are found in the Los Angeles. It boasts of numerous technical excellence awards and has proper facilities for their clients. It contains three main studios with well spaced rooms. It boasts of renowned artists such as Elvis Presley and the Beach Boys. East west studios has produced some of the most awarded and celebrated albums in musical history – from Elvis Presley to Rolling stones. Also 4 episodes of The Voice were filmed here. It has some of the best virtual instruments in the industry and will definitely offer that which you need. East West studios are perfect for any session – from single voice to 80-piece symphonic orchestra.



Black rock studio

Founded back in 1998 by Tony Beckwith, black rock studio has continued to dominate the recording industry since then. Located in Santorini, this studio won the best new studio in 2009 in the Industry excellence awards. The facility has some of the best instruments to take your rock music to the next level. Black Rock studios is a combination of a luxury villa and world first class recording equipment. A heaven of inspiration and tranquility between sea and sun, offering a breathtaking panoramic view of the sea and the volcanic island.


Delta lab

It is a studio founded by the then 19 year old Thomas Troelsen in Denmark. He is regarded as one of the best songwriters and producers of all time in Danmark. The studio boasts of different qualities of work including the current 2014 World Cup Song “we are one” by Jennifer Lopez ft Pitbull. Other works include the “silent Alarm” SHINee’s song “love like oxygen”. It has some of the most sophisticated facilities to offer the best for its customers. Design of Delta Lab studios was inspired by Verner Panton and is fully packed by collection of analog equipment. Bloc Party recorded their debut album Silent Alarm at Delta Lab. Delta lab studios is probably one of the most sexiest recording studios in the world.


For more inspiration you can check NonZeroArch site. If some of your favorite recording studio is missing here, write in a comments!

Music producer requirements and job description

music producer requirements job description

The music industry has an enormous effect on society and has developed greatly since its inception. There are now hundreds of genres and a multitude of diversity within each genre. Furthermore, technology has greatly influenced the direction of modern music adding an entirely new level of skill to the process of producing top quality music. For this reason, the idea of becoming a music producer may seem like a simple ambition and is often the dream job for many young music fans. However, the journey to becoming a producer requires much more than a mere love of music.

To begin with, music producers oversee the entire production of an artist’s recording. This entails many layers including arranging the music, balancing the sound quality, mixing and mastering the recording, and of course the actual recording itself. In addition, producers are part of the team that determines what songs should be included on a project and they may also be responsible for choosing the specific musicians and background vocalists that will accompany the artist. In essence, the music producer must always be aware of the bigger picture he or she is creating with the music while at the same time being aware of each intricate detail that comes together to make the whole. At times, it can be an overwhelming task.

Being successful as a music producer begins at the most basic level.

A producer needs to have an in-depth knowledge of music itself. Background in music theory and understanding how different instruments are played and integrated is essential for building quality recordings. In addition, because of the immense amount of variety that now exists in the world of music, the best producers tend to have experience working with many different kinds of music. To create unique and original sounds, producers often find themselves merging different genres and combining classic sounds with modern variations. In order to accomplish this level of creativity in the production process, a firm knowledge of the vast styles of sound is extremely important. 

Now, understanding the musical side of the equation is only half of the process to becoming a producer. The other half, which is equally significant, is learning to utilize and implement the technology that is now available to enhance the recording process. All recording is now done with the use of computer software. For PC users Ableton Live and FL Studio Producer tend to be very popular and for mac users the most common is Logic Pro. However, there are numerous other options to choose from as well. The best producers will have knowledge in how these programs work and will have used multiple programs in order to discover which software is best for which kinds of sounds. It should also be mentioned that most professional producers prefer the programs available for mac than they do PC because generally mac software allows for a smoother recording process without technical interruptions. If you are starting with producing music, you can have a look in the best music production software for beginners.

Beyond the computer software itself, there is also the music equipment that a producer must learn and understand. Everything from amplifiers to types of microphones to sound boards. A producer must know how all of it works, how it all comes together, and how to use it to its full potential. In addition, music producers must be willing to take risks with the sounds they are creating and not limit themselves to the conventional uses of a particular piece of software or equipment. Those who want to be successful in this kind of profession have to explore as much as they can and should always be on the look out for new ideas and technology to enhance their work.

For those who wish to pursue a career path in music production, the easiest way to start is at home. They should find a basic computer software to get them going. Almost all of the production software companies provide a more affordable and limited version of their programs that are excellent for beginners to use. Then, it’ just a matter of connecting those programs to a keyboard or other electronic instrument and begin experimenting. Those who wish to become professional music producers should also begin educating themselves on music theory and production. This can be done through college courses in the subject or through home study with various different workbooks or online tools. You don’t need to spend tons of money on education; you can always start to learn music production online for free.

In the end, because of the amount of technology that exists, almost anyone can begin “producing” music. Thus, the amount of competition in the field is high and the chance of making millions off the career is slim. Successful producers know their craft well and have to push themselves to new levels of creativity in order to stand out in the industry and make a decent living. However, for those few individuals who have the skill and desire, they can certainly find a rewarding career path as a music producer.

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Music Producer Salary

music producer salary

Music producer salary varies according to a numerous factors. According to Berklee Music – the one of the world’s top “learning laboratory” in the music industry – a music producer salary ranges from $25.000 up to $1.000.000+ per annum. We need to take in consideration the fact, that when you start off recording and producing music, you usually start it for free, in exchange for your passion, commitment, feature goals. Once you get good enough, and when you earn the trust of the artists / record labels people start to pay you for your time. Music producer  with 1-2+ years experience can ear on the low end, $20.000 per year. The best music producers in the industry can earn over $1 mil a year.

The highest paid music producers

Wheather you like Myles Cyrus or Eminem, the reason that song is played on the radio airplay chart or got popular through the other media and the real credit goes to the music producer, who had actually spent lot of time and effort before song came out. Music producers are best known for shaping the uncut diamond into a princess cut. They are responsible for the final outcome, making sure that every aspect of the song – from lyrics, melody, harmony and chord progression, sound, beat, etc…is sounding clear and crisp to the audience and can bring the expectation of the critics, record labels and fans.

Let’s have a look in the list of the highest paid music producers and their salary – all these guys may not have gained credit for all their songs, however definitely they are the most respectable and the highest payable producers in the music industry.


music producer t bone brunettMusic Producer Salary: $15 Million: T-Bone Burnett

American soundtrack producer and songwriter responsible for the majority of the traditional American soundtracks. He collaborated with artist such a Counting Crows, Elvis Costello and many others.





music producers neptunesMusic Producer Salary: $150 Million: The Neptunes

Definitelly these guys deserve all their money. Orginigally, formed in 1990 as group of 4 people, later on reduced to Chad Hugo and Pharell Williams. in 2000’s they’ve brought some fresh air into the music and since then have helped many artists to relaunch again their sleeping career. The Neptunes has collaborated with Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Busta Rhymes…just to name the few.





music producer butch vig

Music Producer Salary: $60 Million: Butch Vig

Best known for the Nirvana album Nevermind. He is best known as the producer of the dark grunge era in 90s – Nirvana, Smashing Pumpkins, later on Foo Fighter, Garbage (the band where he is a drummer). He delivered some of the greatest records through the decades.



music producer phil spectorMusic Producer Salary: $100 Million: Phil Spector

Very talented musician, songwriter, instrumentalist, famous for his “invention” wall of sound, back in 60s. He is associated with the biggest stars through the ages like John Lennon, Tina Turner, Ramons, Bob Dylan, etc….




max martin producer

Music Producer Salary: $250 Million: Max Martin

Nowadays, swedish music producers are ruling the world. This guy earned respect and popularity with producing the names and writing songs for artists like a Britney Spears, Bon Jovi, Backstreet Boys, Pink or Kate Perry.



music producer dr dre

Music Producer Salary: $360 Million: Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre cannot be neglected in this list. Mostly hip hop music producer, responsible for the stars like Eminem, Tupac, Ice Cube or 50 Cent.




music producer rick rubinMusic Producer Salary: $400 Million: Rick Rubin

This one is my favorite one. Rick has produced incredible diverse range of artists, he also revolutionized the music industry by introducing hip hop genre. He helped a Johnny Cash to relaunched his career. Budhist monk famous for the production of Beastie Boys and one of the best album of the 90s – Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood Sugar Sex Magic. Watch the documentary how he made it!



How much money can I earn with music production? What would be my music producer salary?

The music production industry has seen steady growth in the recent years – music is becoming bigger and bigger every year, paradoxically internet age and invention of mp3’s are helping this situation with setting new conditions and rules. The best indicator of a music producer salary is an estimated median salary (which is something above $40.000). Music producers are paid in numerous ways – some producers work in-house for a record label or a certain studio and are paid per projects, some big music labels like to sign up the biggest names in music production and keep them to work exclusively for their artistic house. Recent salary growth is expected to continue in the coming years, though the percentage may be somewhat diminished – but I don’t believe that.

If you want to work for a record label or studio, you have to climb the ladder of success – step by step – from tea maker position, through studio assistant, recording engineer, etc… Those who’ve finished a degree in sound engineering, audio engineering or media communication can earn around $20,000 to $30,000 per annum. It can bring you stable amount of work and also regular income, with possibility of growth and learning and improving skills, getting new experiences on a regular basis. An Assistant Engineer, who supports the engineer with equipment setup/tear down, recording tracks, and mixing can expect to earn between $18,000 – $25,000. The latter being the lowest level expected of  music producer jobs income.

More resources: Music Salary Guide

Music production tutorials that will help you with mixing

music production tips and tricks

Let’s face it out,  Grammy Award winning mixing engineer Dave Pensado is not only great music producer, sound engineer and mixer responsible for countless hit songs played on the radio charts (Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Pink, Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey, etc…), but also with his weekly show PensadoPlace which is dedicated to mixing & engineering techniques he is a great tutor and teacher.  For those who haven’t seen his show so far, it is a MUST! You will love this guy.

His weekly show consists of two parts; from episodes – interviews with many famous and prominent people behind the music industry (mixer, sound engineers, artists, etc…) speaking about various angles of music production and Into the Liar section, that is something like How to guide – he shares and explains there various mixing techniques, tips, tricks, hints and other aspects of his work in details. If you don’t know where to start when it comes to learning music production, this is definitely the place, that will keep you busy for a few weeks/months. Dave is a very humble guy and shares basically everything what he does in his work. I learnt a lot just by watching them and always when I’m frustrated with my dull mixes, just by watching these videos it always gets me inspired. Here is the selection of my favorites Daves Into the Liar music production videos. You can start with these videos, and then check out more when you have time! 


Working with low frequencies

This is alfa and omega when you want to have a nice and clean mix with readable and powerful low-end. You have to learn how to work with low frequencies.

I don’t carve frequencies, I just mess with it until it sounds good

Dave explains his tips in these great videos: working with low frequencies, using filters when mixing bass and how to get great bass track. More bass tips >>


Using Compression

Sometimes it is a good idea to use instead of compressor tape emulation or saturation. However, if you don’t know where to start, you have to watch this video about compression techniques and  advanced parallel compression technique.  Dave also recommends you to experiment with presets as a starting point – advantages of presets are, that usually they are designed by professionals, so there is a big chance you will get them work in your music production. This is another great music production tutorial about compressions and audio compression ratios.

Always focus on emotion and energy in your track, rather than the technical aspect. Be careful with compression, because when used in a bad way, it can take your track down.

Using EQ in front of the compressor you will get a good clean signal to work with. To tune the color of the material, use EQ after compressor. Read more on compression here >>


Train you hearing, use reference mixes!

When you are new to music production it is a common thing that you will struggle with understanding or hearing compression, EQ, applying reverberations. Usually it takes a long time to learn how to hear the difference. Dave once told a story that he started to mix as a older guy – in his 30s, but first 3 years of his job he was dedicating 2-3 hours daily only to listening others mixes. Sooner you start with training you ear, sooner you will be able to use it in a proper way. Don’t get discouraged – every skill is trainable.   Inspire yourself by watching these 2 Dave’s videos about ear training. Also remember, it is important to listen reference mixes while making your own music production. It is always good idea to place reference song within your project, so you can quickly access it and use A/B comparison. Use your own invention! Don’t try to simply copy/paste your reference track. Reference track is a good for use of checking the levels of various elements, looking for the dull spots in the song, etc…

Referencing is a short cut way to taking a break. It refreshes your brain because we tend to get used to what we hear, and lose objectivity in the process.

Learn how to use reference mixes from Dave.


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Best music production software for beginners


2x Grammy Award winning music producer Dallas Austin introduced lately music production software not only for beginners called BTV SOLO. Dallas Austin has been recognized from cooperation with such an artists like Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, Lady Gaga or Madonna. Probably it is one of the simplest software packed with powerful features for music production and beat making. With BTV Solo everyone can produce great music – doesn’t matter if you are beginner or advanced music producer. Dallas Austion probably knows the recipe how to make a music and he has implemented all his knowledge and experience in this beautiful piece of music production software. So lets have a look in our In-Depth Review what can be done with BTV Solo and where are the restriction and where is this program limiting when it comes to music production.


[box type=”download”]Give it a try and claim your free demo of BTV Solo now![/box]


The Layout and Overview

The layout of BTV Solo is very similar to a simpler version of BKE Beat Thank Virtual Software . Let’s start with cons: BTV Solo doesn’t come with VST instruments and sampler (what a shame), however still can do the most what Beat Thank Virtual can do (not to mention that Beat Virtual is almost triple priced).


Easy of Use

best music production software BTV SOLO
With BTV Interface is very familiar to famous MPC music production controller

Well, interface of BTV Solo is very similar to famous music production controller MPC. The main advantage of this setup is, that it allows you to fast access to different patches and banks. SO the workflow is very flexible and fast. On the left side there is a browser where all your drums and sounds are listed. With one click they can be assigned to the key pads – sitting at the bottom area. Above that you can find 16 channels, where each represents a different sequence.

Display is very easy to navigate – in an easy and understable manner you can find there all information you need while making a beat. Next to it you can find sound effects for immediate use.

How I said before, it is so simple that you will get into it in a few hours. With external MIDI controller you can start to produce own powerfull beats and music on the other day after your buy.

The fact that it is external MIDI controller positive put this online program on another level. Some other online beat making softwares don’t come with this option, and so making music is more like struggling to get your music right with you keyboard.



Sounds and Drum kits

sound expansion pack music production software
Get an extra sounds into your sick track wirh Sound expansion pack which offers you 1000+ Samples and 100+ drum kits

This program comes with professionally engineered sounds and sample drum kits. Big pros!!! All sounds coming out of this baby are hi quality and that is the first step and basic foundation if you want to produce great music.

Some of these sounds can sound to you familiar, because you can find them in lot of nowadays productions, however thats not the reason for disappointment: when it sells good, use it a lot. Same sounds are used by Dallas Austin itself in his sick productions.

Another reason to give it a try. There is also an option to import your own samples, or very interesting feature, which offers you to develop your own sounds completely from scratch. Thank you Austin! BTV Solo can be expanded with Sound expansion pack for an additional cost.


Effects and Mastering Tools

Usually mastery of effects will make your production interesting and will separate it from someone else. BTV Solo is packed up with different effects, including phasers, flangers, distortions, harmonizers, pitch shifters and other modulation effects. You can find there also huge databank of reverbs, delays and vinyl effects ready for use right away.

btv solo effect music production software
With balls

Mastering needs a trained ear and it is a little bit more technical approach to your production. However, with mastering tools implemented in BTV Solo, such a compressor, limiter, EQ, volume and harmonics enhancer you will have a chance to edit minor flows and pimp up your sounds and final track. I strongly recommend to start with ear training, sooner you start later you will be able to produce and make great and balanced music.

[box type=”download”]Give it a try and claim your free demo of BTV Solo now![/box]

Additional features / Instrument Builder

music production instrument builder
With BTV Solo it is easy to customize and edit your sounds and organize it into favorite lists for quick access

Well, after playing with installed sounds, one day you will got bored and you will want to import your own sounds there or create your own trademark sonic sculptures. Is that possible? First of all, there is a nice option to keep the files organized with favorites list. Using Custom Drum Kits it is easy to assign each instrument to its own sound pad, and create your own combination. This allows you to keep all your favorite sounds in one place and it helps you to speed up your workflow and make beats much faster.

With instrument builder you can layer multiple instruments to together to create own sonic sculpture and a completely new sound. Very few music production softwares in this price range offer such a versatility and variability like BTV Solo.


Final thoughts

BTV Solo is a great solution for all of you who are crazy about music production and want to start to make own beats and music right away. This piece of software is not only for beginners, but also for advanced music producers and the fact that it was designed by one of the very successful music producer who has worked with some of the most prominent artists gives you guarantee that you will get in your hand powerful toy to crack the music industry with your own sick beats and music production. Strongly recommend it to you!

“One of the best DJ Innovation” – DJ Zone (world’s biggest magazine for DJ)


“This baby is for all ages. You can travel with it, you can compose and produce with it. My music production is dependent on this.” – DJ Ruckus (K. West, Prada, P.Diddy)


“One of the greatest innovation in the music industry. Program packed up with functionality and versatility. It is laid very well for all music producers.” – Tricky Steward (Beyonce, Rihanna, Katy Perry)


best music production software