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Music producer – the hidden hero behind many hit songs. The ones who are helping musicians turn their songs into musical productions and the finest recordings for sale. Check out the list of the best producers. How to be a producer with top music producer interviews, inspirational recording studios, recording analog and digital equipment reviews and careers in music industry.

How To Become A Music Producer

Firstly, let’s explain here what is his job and what it fully entails. In the past, the best music producers had a good knowledge of acoustics, physics, sound and perception of sound, music theory, recording technology – they were usually geek-nerd-ugly-guys who loved to be surrounded by lot of hardware and other music equipment. They understood every aspect of music production – from recording, sound engineering to mixing, mastering… However, technology progress and computer revolution has brought some fresh air into this profession and now it is much easier to start to produce great music without all that necessary knowledge. In a very pragmatic terms, music producer is a project manager, responsible for the final outcome. He takes a song and direct how it’s going to sound. His job is to make sure that finished product is a good as it can be. For more information on how to become a music producer, salary, requirements and job description, schools and education follow this section.

Does sound and its vibrations affect you on emotional level? How many times have you heard a song and thought about how it could be improved with strings or a heavier beat? With setting your new life goal in your career bear in mind, that becoming a successful producer involves a hard work, commitment, passion and dedication. Music production is the heart and soul of any successful recording. There is a hidden truth behind every song – bad production can make a great tune sound terrible. And great production can make a hit from average song.

Everything must be done with passion. Which art does not include passion? What can be greater than producing something that makes us have feelings? Music production is an art and it’s going to be that way as long as people still enjoy making it so knowing how it is produced can provide useful help for further teaching or a career into this field.

Intuition. Make it from deep of your heart.

You have to be totally into music. Breath music – love it more than anything else. Music should flow in your blood. It should be your own private space, where nobody else can entry and where you can free your mind and make it with love from deep of your heart. You have to find your intuitive voice, learning to listen to it, then trusting it. Remember that knowledge is a foundation for intuition. With knowledge you are also developing your own intuition.

How to produce music?

Passion for music is obviously not enough. You have to learn a basic fundamentals of music production, and also you need to develop colorful palette of your skills asset that you can bring to the table anytime there is a need. Because when you make music, every skill has its own place, usability, power and effort. You are not about to become a successful producer overnight. You are starting at the bottom. And slowly climbing up the ladder, so in a few years you can be one of the most wanted in your specific genre.

Learn Music Production Online

Learning music online comes with 2 main advantages: Firstly you save a lot of money – you will need them when you gonna setup your own recording studio. And last but not least to learn how to make music online is a huge time saver. You can learn it in your own time, when you need, or when you want, in your own tempo – all you need to have is a strong commitment and discipline for it. There are plenty of great tutorials online, live on youtube, music forums and other internet websites. Also, some of the biggest universities in the music industry offer free online music courses, which would help you to start. Or get a book. And then get another. In a few months you can get through all 13 essential books written on how to produce music and audio engineering .

Learn a music instrument. Indispensible for tinkering out melodies, phrasing and general knowledge of music chords. Any music instrument is a good, however to learn piano is a big win for your future career. It can be said that the piano is the most versatile instrument for producing music. Nowadays to understand and to make music is also about your ability and skills to work with MIDI. With samples libraries you can easily replace huge orchestra, drummer, guitar player or whatever instrument you like and therefor learning piano will help you to get all part of your produced music under control.

Learn a music theory. Composition. Song writing. It is always good to know and to be fluent with the concept behind the music. It is like learning other language. Without proper grammar and vocabulary you wouldn’t be able to speak fluently in a foreign country. Strong music foundation makes a difference between the great song and average song. If you don’t know where to start, this is the great course on music theory!

Choose your DAW and become an expert. You have to have good sense of hearing. Train your ear. This is the most important skill you will need (and often overlooked). Choose your plugins effects arsenal weapons. Remember there is no point to have all plugins from the internet installed into your DAW. Choose only the most appealing to you. Master them. Make a trademark of them in your songs. Buy 1 or 2 hardware unit that will help you to polish your mixes and put an unforgettable signature into your sound.

Set up your own home studio. This is the most expensive part, but doesn’t have to be – you can start with just a laptop. Have a look at the best laptops for music prodution. The general truth is, that it is always good to invest into quality rather than quantity. Don’t forget to make an acoustic treatment to your control room – lot of aspirational music makers often overlook importance of acoustic in the mixing room and that can lead to dull mixes, or not equally balanced. There are many ways how you can treat your room in a cheap “home-made” way.

Take inspiration from the nicest recording studios in the world.

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